How You Can Spread the Positive in Youth Sports + MORE

How You Can Spread the Positive in Youth Sports + MORE
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Where Does Sports Kids’ Pressure Come From? + MORE

Coaches & Friends, Not Parents, Pressure Sports Kids, Says Study The number of kids playing team sports is dropping quickly… To understand the factors behind this drop off, Yellowbrick Treatment Program surveyed 1,000 Americans about pressure in youth sports, says Matt Zajechowski, senior.... More »
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Helping Young Athletes With Mental Rehearsal + MORE

How To Mentally Rehearse Using Visualization deal with sports parents and the mental game challenges their sports kids have. Visit and click on contact us to submit your question for Dr. Cohn to answer in his mental game videocast or podcast. Here’s the question Dr. Patrick Cohn.... More »
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Looking for a Good Pair of Youth Sports Cleats? Here’s the Top Sellers + MORE

When looking to buy your child youth sports cleats, the choices are many. And the hours you can spend that you really don’t have can quickly add up as you tried to shop around and choose. One good way to determine what’s the best choice is to see what others have bought. Usually if they..... More »

3 Life Skills that Playing Sports will Teach Your Child

This post is sponsored by Genius of Play, a one-stop source for play ideas that build real skills. Perhaps you’ve heard over and over about the life skills that playing sports will teach your child. I believe very strongly that it offers a golden opportunity for parents and coaches to help d.... More »
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How to Raise Socially Responsible Girls

A Guest Post from Katie Hurley, LCSW A thirteen-year-old girl comes to me week after week with a litany of complaints about social media. She doesn’t like the way her friends act on Instagram. She doesn’t like it when people unfollow her because they’re mad about something, .... More »
Enough with focusing on the negativity in youth sports. Let’s concentrate on spreading the positive. Are you with me? I believe that all of us, together, can make a positive difference in our youth sports culture. And I’d like to ask for your help in doing that. In case you haven’t heard, I’ve just finished…

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Do You Try to Give Your Athletes Confidence?


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Confidence For Young Athletes
A parent asked us in our recent survey, “How do you get kids ready and to games on time? What do you do to make them feel confident?”
It’s critical to understand that you, as parents, can’t MAKE your kids feel confident; athletes must earn their confidence and think confidently!
Too often, we see that sports kids rely too much on their parents and coaches to feel confident…

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Artificial turf under fire again in youth sports The war over artificial turf wages on as the general public still can’t decide whether or not the rubber pellets found on youth sports fields are safe. What’s it made of? Where does it come from? But, on the most important end of the spectrum, one major question […] The post Artificial turf under fire again in youth sports appeared first on CoachUp Blog.

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Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors is believed by many to be the greatest shooter that the NBA has ever seen. Besides being a three-time NBA All-Star, he won the 2015 NBA MVP. Stephen, also referred to as “Steph”, holds the record for most consecutive games with three-pointer. It is an NBA record with 129 three-pointers…

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