How Unruly Crowds and Parents Hurt Kids’ Confidence + MORE

How Unruly Crowds and Parents Hurt Kids’ Confidence + MORE
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Protecting Sports Kids From Predators, Bullies and Other Dangers

How Parents Can Help Sports Kids Stay Safe It’s hard to read the stories about members of the USA Gymnastics Team being harassed and abused by the team’s doctor. And it’s easy to worry about such dangers. Kids who are bullied, abused or harassed as sports kids can suffer throughout their lives.... More »

My Favorite Christmas Traditions

  Tonight, many excited children will pretend to be asleep as they listen for sounds on the rooftop. They will lie awake eager to catch a sight of the magical figure of Santa Claus. At some point, they will drift off but will probably wake up and run to the tree to see the presents he has left .... More »
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5 Drills to Include in Your Kids’ Summer Basketball Training + MORE

This year’s NBA Playoffs have just been ridiculous! And no, I’m not talking about the Clippers ownership fiasco. I’m talking about the play on the court. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I love the game of basketball. I’ve played almost since I began to wal.... More »
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St. Paul Saints’ New Ballpark and a Father’s Day Tribute + MORE

Mike Veeck, the man who featured a drag team dressed in drag, a pig named Notorious P.I.G. (Piggy Smalls) that delivers game balls to umpires and a Roman Catholic nun giving massages in the stands during minor league baseball games, has given St. Paul more: a cool ball field in Lowertown. St. Paul S.... More »

New Softball Mom Planner Gets You Organized

The new Softball Mom Planner provides 8 customizable forms for you to stay on top of all the goings on for the season. Things can get hectic with traveling sports, but this tool will keep you organized. The 8 forms are a perfect tool for any parent or coach. You’ll get a pre-season checklist, .... More »
Bleacher Report’s Facebook page reached the milestone of 1 million likes Wednesday, and those of us in the San Francisco office held a quiet celebration during which we reflected on the momentous occasion.

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flag football tournament 1397773071 1858868857 How Unruly Crowds and Parents Hurt Kids’ Confidence + MOREUnruly parents and crowds can really hurt kids’ confidence, says Gil Fried, professor and head of the sport management department at the University of New Haven and an expert on crowd control.
Why? Just think about it. When athletes are trying to perform, what could distract them more than adults yelling or getting out of control on the sidelines?
Kids get distracted-and in some cases, worried about their own safety…

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It’s NBA Playoff time. The 82-game NBA regular season begins in November and ends in April. Sometimes it seems players and teams go through the motions during the regular season. But come playoff time, they have to make a change.
For the teams that remain, a world championship is at stake. Unlike college basketball’s single elimination tournament, NBA teams must win a 7-game series to advance…

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