How to Respect a Coach That You Don’t Respect + MORE

How to Respect a Coach That You Don’t Respect + MORE
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Building Confidence in Young Athletes

Helping Sports Kids Overcome the Fear of Making Mistakes A sports parent asks: “My daughter is 13 years old and is currently playing basketball. She is very athletic and has natural abilities but just doesn’t know it or use it. Her confidence level is not there. She gets in a game and j.... More »

5 Tips for Effectively Confronting a Coach

Confronting a coach is not a habit that I advocate when a parent is unhappy with playing time, position, or even coaching strategy. But I know that there will be times when you feel you must do it anyway for one of those purposes, or even for a reason that has nothing to do with...Read More &#.... More »

3 Steps to Having a Blast As Your Child Plays Youth Sports

If you watched the 2018 Winter Olympics, then you’ll probably remember Jong Jin Kim, the dad of snowboarder Chloe Kim. He held up a posterboard sign that said “Go Chloe”, with a pink heart colored in above the words. Jong Jin showed parents of athletes in youth sports the number o.... More »

COACHING TIPS: More Important Suggestions for Volunteer Youth Coaches

Because of the great response I had to my program last week on youth coaching tips, I felt compelled to continue with more this week. Again, these are aimed at volunteer youth coaches — most likely parents with kids between the ages of 6-12 – who are playing sports at the local rec level.... More »
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How to Help Athletes Who Stop Trying or Give Up

Is Your Young Athlete a Perfectionist? A young athlete asks: “I’m 14 years old and have been playing tennis since I was 5. But 2 years ago I started to go to an academy. And at the same time I started to play tournaments. One of my coaches calls me a bull because I’m always so stu.... More »
Has your child ever struggled with how to respect a coach that’s hard to like? Has this ever happened to you? Your child plays on a team with a coach that, for whatever reason, you just can’t respect. You are frustrated with him or her, and your frustration rubs off on your child. The end…

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How Perfectionism Can Lead to Fear of Failure
A sports parent writes:
“My child is a 9-year old figure skater. She is very passionate with her sport but sometimes she tend to get very frustrated when she performs poorly in her program. Also, when she is performing well, her coach is very perfectionist and they will tell her tiny mistakes that would have made the program or element perfectly executed…

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