How to Make This the Best Year of Youth Sports EVER! + MORE

How to Make This the Best Year of Youth Sports EVER! + MORE

Visit us at City Sports Sunday!

If you live in Massachusetts or Maryland, we may be coming to a City Sports near you this Sunday August 23rd! Check out the locations and times below to see if you can join us. We’ll be showing live soccer demos and giving away swag – including a chance to win a football signed by Julian Edelma.... More »
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Don’t Let An Injury Stop You From Exercising + MORE

By Dev Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points: Being injured doesn’t always mean you need to completely stop all exercise or sport activity. Don’t be afraid to have a discussion with your doctor, physical th.... More »
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Remembering the Importance of Father’s Day + MORE

by Nick LaSpada More often than not, Father’s Day is lost in gifts and sentimental cards that ultimately hold little meaning over the years. What really counts, at least to me, are the memories that explain your story and the journey of how you made it to this very day. I can remember playing ca.... More »

Sports Parents, This is Your Biggest Choice as Your Child Plays Sports

Sports Parents, What will it be? You have a choice to make that will greatly impact your child’s youth sports journey. In fact, I’d venture to say that this choice will have the greatest influence on you as a sports parent and on your child. Perhaps you think that I’m going to tal.... More »
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Negative Coaching Tactics Don’t Work + MORE

College coaches have gotten a bad reputation due to a few loud and borderline abusive coaches. These coaches use intimidation, embarrassment and threatening techniques to try to bring out the best in their players. With the rise of social media, more players who recognize coaches that have gone too .... More »

Mental Game Tips for First-Time Sports Dads…


national flag football tournament 1438902106 1505863364 How to Make This the Best Year of Youth Sports EVER! + MOREIt’s hard enough being a first-time father. But when these former dudes become sports dads, they’re often confused about how to handle the youth sports scene.
That’s the word from Jason Kreidman, founder of “Dudes to Dads,” which provides advice and support to new fathers.
He’s also a former high school and college athlete who spent most of his waking hours as a child immersed in youth sports—an experience that was both positive and negative…

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Over the years I have researched many, tried a few and heard all about impact sensors, and for the time the blog has been going you have all known I have had a “standoffish” approach to them. That is not because I don’t think they may have a place but it is because of what […]

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Are you pumped for another year of youth sports? Is your child excited about playing and having fun? I am very excited to share with you something that will help you and your child have an awesome year of sports! It’s a first-time opportunity that I’m very excited about! Here’s how to make this the…

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