How to Keep Youth Sports Competition Where it Belongs: in the Game + MORE

How to Keep Youth Sports Competition Where it Belongs: in the Game + MORE

2018 Minnesota High School All Hockey Hair Team for Out-of-Staters

The 2018 Minnesota High School All Hockey Hair Team Video has been out for a couple of days now. For the last 8 years, the Minnesota High School All Hockey Hair Team videos have been a national treasure. Released in March each year after the Minnesota High School Hockey Tournament, the announcement .... More »

The One Trait You Should Look for in a Youth Sports Coach + MORE

What do you look for in a youth sports coach? Someone who wins? Teaches kids the strategy of the game? Has fun? These are all good traits for a coach, but I believe that there is one trait in particular that a topnotch youth sports coach should have. One trait that will help your child have...Read&.... More »

How to Raise a Spoiled Athlete + MORE

Many adults complain that the younger generation is full of entitled kids, teens, and even millennials, and that a spoiled athlete is hard to stomach. I am not writing to debate that issue. In fact, I’m advocating something that may cause some of you to do a doubletake, and that is this very s.... More »
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Why Sports Kids Resist Mental Game Training—And What Parents Should Do + MORE

Mentally strong athletes—those who have done some mental game training—don’t balk after making mistakes. They don’t call themselves negative names. And they’re often great team players because they’re so positive. Truth is, however, that sports kids resist mental training, and miss out .... More »
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Are You RIO Ready? + MORE

The Olympic Games are by far my favorite event every four years!! I watch more TV and sports coverage online in those two weeks than I do during the four years in between the games. I have LOVED all of the pre-games commercials, but my favorites have to be “Salute” and “That’.... More »

Mike Veeck on Father’s Day


junior football tournaments 1402412011 716379811 How to Keep Youth Sports Competition Where it Belongs: in the Game + MOREEDITOR’S NOTE: With Father’s Day approaching, a time when we recognize fathers and remember those who have passed, we asked maverick, baseball promoter Mike Veeck to write about his favorite Father’s Day memory of his dad, baseball Hall of Famer, Bill Veeck.
First, some background.
Bill Veeck in his office
Baseball legend Bill Veeck was a genius at getting fans into seats…

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The 2014 MLB draft is officially over. For a lot of our local superstars it turned out to be a day to remember. With a handful of local players going in the top ten rounds, New England was once again represented nicely. Let’s take a closer look into where players from this part of the country got scooped up and where they will be playing in the immediate future…

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national flag football tournament 1402412015 2145084417 How to Keep Youth Sports Competition Where it Belongs: in the Game + MOREAlthough competition is a healthy and necessary part of youth sports, there is one very important fact that many parents, players, and coaches seem to forget: it should stay on the field–or court, or pool or green, or mat.
Some people are competitive by nature–I get that, I live with four of them–but that does not mean that you or your child must look at everything as if it were a competition…

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Yesterday we talked about making a close study of writing you like so you can try to figure out what the author did to make you have a positive reaction.
I tried this type of dissection for the first time in the late ’80s, when I found myself laughing hysterically as I read Miami Herald columnist Dave Barry’s Pulitzer Prize submission package…

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It’s the simple things that children remember. For me personally, one of my fondest memories of childhood is what my dad would do for me whenever I would get sick. He was a very busy man who ran his own business and traveled a lot. Yet, when I was sick he would always go out of his way to bring me things to make me feel better…

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By James MacDonald, MD, MPH

Reaction time (RT) is commonly prolonged after a sport-related concussion. Besides being a marker for injury (e.g. one of the signs and symptoms of concussion), a rapid reaction time is necessary for protective maneuvers that can reduce the frequency and severity of additional head impacts…

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