How to Help Athletes Get More Playing Time…

How to Help Athletes Get More Playing Time…
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Why Pregame Mental Prep is Critical for Athletes + MORE

Pregame Mental Preparation For Young Athletes Just before a game or competition, kids need to be as mentally ready as possible. However, it’s hard to do this when kids feel anxious, distracted, worried or tense about what’s about to happen. This can undermine kids’ performance and con.... More »

Weekend Fun: The World Cup Drill

Now, this isn’t technically a drill as it’s often a reward for finishing a tough practice or winning an equally difficult fixture on the schedule. However, we love the World Cup Drill so we’re going to highlight it all the same for this edition of Weekend Fun! The games and drills .... More »

Sports Parents, This is Your Biggest Choice as Your Child Plays Sports

Sports Parents, What will it be? You have a choice to make that will greatly impact your child’s youth sports journey. In fact, I’d venture to say that this choice will have the greatest influence on you as a sports parent and on your child. Perhaps you think that I’m going to tal.... More »


i had a very strong response to last week’s show and blog posting regarding HS kids taking a knee to protest racial oppression in this country. I was impressed with the smart comments  on both sides of the issue, all dealing with the balancing of patriotic respect for our country v. one’s g.... More »
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Vector Mouthguard Season Wrap Up: Product Review and Impressions + MORE

I find myself in a peculiar situation in regards to the Vector Mouthguard; I have indeed benefited from the relationship as mentioned in the first post about this product. However, I have also been honest and blunt with them while… Continue reading →.... More »

How to Help Athletes Get More Playing Time…


national youth football championships 1428046340 1803029950 How to Help Athletes Get More Playing Time…A common complaint from sports parents: The coach doesn’t give my child enough playing time, and it hurts her confidence.
When a coach doesn’t give a child a lot of playing time, it can really hurt her view of her abilities and skills. And that, in turn, can undermine her performance.
If a coach favors just a few players (and not your child), that can bust her confidence, too…

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