How to Help Athletes Cope With Intense Coaches + MORE

How to Help Athletes Cope With Intense Coaches + MORE
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When Sports Kids Are Bullied By Coaches + MORE

How to Deal With Bully Coaches Do your sports children complain about being bullied, teased, or intimidated by coaches? One sports mom recently told us her own story about how much a bully coach hurt her son… “Some of it was outright verbal, mental, emotional abuse. And a lot of times th.... More »

TRAVEL TEAMS: A Club Team Worth Emulating….

For years on my Sports Edge radio show, I have cautioned sports parents about the potential pitfalls and real concerns regarding travel team sports. Everything from unfair tryouts to coaches who want to win at all costs to the escalating amounts of time and money that having a child on a travel can .... More »

5 Keys to Raising Fearless Children

Raising fearless children, whether on the ball field or in the classroom, is a goal of every good parent. But what if your athlete struggles with fear? Fear of failure? Fear of risk? Fear of not being good enough? Where does this fear come from? It shows up in children without any warning and  you..... More »

Are You THAT Pushy Sports Parent? + MORE

No mom or dad that I know really wants to be known as a PUSHY sports parent. But at the same time, parents sometimes let their “encouragement” turn into pushiness, without realizing it or even wanting it. Sometimes parental pushiness is blatant; you see it come out as parents coach their.... More »

COLLEGE RECRUITING: How to Prevent Your Athlete Making a Bad Choice of College

I have long subscribed to a theory – and I will tell you up front I have no numbers or research to prove this – so it’s just a hunch – but over the years, I have witnessed too many top HS athletes go on to college with huge sports expectations….only to become disillusioned when they ar.... More »
junior football tournaments 1507810457 255294481 How to Help Athletes Cope With Intense Coaches + MOREBy Dev K. Mishra, M.D.
President, Sideline Sports Doc
Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University
Key Points:

Core muscle injury (otherwise commonly called “sports hernia” is being diagnosed more often these days
Treatment generally starts without surgery, utilizing physical therapy, but some athletes may require surgery
Surgery for core muscle injury has shown successful return to play in about 90% of athletes, and surgery should be performed by a hip specialist with expertise in athletes

Over the last 10 years or so we’ve come a long way to providing better and more accurate diagnoses and treatment options for athletes with groin and hip pain…

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Do any of these mealtime classics ring a bell? Vegetable shaming? Feeding Fido? Flat out refusing to eat?
I hear you. As a busy working mom with two sons who had “discriminating tastes” when they were younger, I know all about “picky” problems and mealtime meltdowns.

Ready for some drama-free dining?

Try these seven strategies the next time your child decides to stonewall you at meal time:


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How to Help Athletes Cope With Intense Coaches


youth sports 1507810455 355055659 How to Help Athletes Cope With Intense Coaches + MOREParents: Help Sports Kids Let go of Mistakes
In “Sports Psychology Sessions with Doc,” Dr. Patrick Cohn answers a question from Kay about what she can do when her son freezes because the coach is really intense.
Visit Sports Psychology for Athletes at and click on contact us to submit your mental game questions for Dr…

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