How to Communicate with Your Teenage Daughter + MORE

How to Communicate with Your Teenage Daughter + MORE


i had a very strong response to last week’s show and blog posting regarding HS kids taking a knee to protest racial oppression in this country. I was impressed with the smart comments  on both sides of the issue, all dealing with the balancing of patriotic respect for our country v. one’s g.... More »

When children bicker: Stopping the fight before it starts

Guest Post by Dr. Laura Markham Bickering is not yet a full-fledged fight, but it could become one. Or it could just go on all day long until it drives you crazy. Some amount of bickering is normal, since kids are still learning how to express their needs appropriately. But bickering is always a .... More »

Overhydration Deaths on the Football Field Are Preventable

  By Tamara Hew Butler, DPM, Ph.D., FASCM When we hear about catastrophic injury and death amongst athletes, we typically think about concussion (1), cardiac arrest (2) and heatstroke. (3) Exercise-associated hyponatremia (EAH) is rarely uttered amongst the "big three", despite .... More »

COLLEGE RECRUITING: The Recruiting Myth of College O1Campus Camps + MORE

This is the time of the year in which a number of college baseball coaches put on 2-3 day camps, where prospective college baseball players pay a good-sized fee in which to go the college campus, and basically have a chance – along with dozens of other hopeful HS players – go through their paces.... More »

SPORTSMANSHIP: HS Boys Lax Team Intrudes on Visiting Girls Before Playoff Game

Well, what happened the other day in Yorktown, NY? Depending on who you talk to, there was some sort of dust-up between the members of the Yorktown HS boys lax team…and the Somers HS girls lax team that clearly ruffled some feathers – especially on the Somers side. Many of the Somers parents.... More »
flag football tournaments 1426035661 1404525332 How to Communicate with Your Teenage Daughter + MOREIs your child playing on a team where he is competing against another player for a starting sport or for playing time?
All three of my kids faced this situation at various times in middle and high school.
My oldest daughter had a girl competing with her for her catching spot, my son had another QB trying to take his position from him, and my youngest daughter had another girl who desperately wanted her starting libero spot…

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Is playing time in youth sports a constant issue in your home?  For you and your child? Take 3 minutes and watch this video: it may help your perspective.     Are You Frustrated with the Politics of Youth Sports? The issue of politics in youth sports can take all the fun out of the…Read More

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national youth football tournaments 1426035656 310107852 How to Communicate with Your Teenage Daughter + MOREBy Dev Mishra, M.D.
President, Sideline Sports Doc
Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University
Key Points:

The “female athlete triad” is a combination of eating disorder, lack of menstrual cycle, and low bone density
This is a complex medical issue requiring care from a number of medical professionals
If not treated, the female athlete triad can be a career ender as well as have lifetime consequences

There’s an excellent article about American teenage runner Mary Cain in yesterday’s New York Times…

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I have two teenage daughters and they are the light of my world. I feel privileged to say that most of their lives I’ve been right by their sides. It’s been the greatest honor of my life. Each phase presenting its own challenges and learning curves, but each full of love, laughter, and a closeness that I thought was beyond my capability…

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