How to Be an Athlete-Oriented Coach + MORE

How to Be an Athlete-Oriented Coach + MORE

LEGAL CONCERNS: Residency Rules in School Districts Need to be Crystal Clear + MORE

What in the world is going on with the Wayne Hills HS football program over in NJ? For those of you in NJ who already follow HS football, chances are you already know the story. But for everyone else, let me see if I can summarize this briefly. The Wayne Hills football team — which is a large .... More »
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New Treatment For Elbow Ligament Injury: Possible To Cut Rehab Time In Half

By Dev K. Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points: A new procedure to repair rather than replace the torn ulnar collateral ligament in the elbow is very promising This procedure can potentially cut the rehab time.... More »

ATHLETIC DIRECTORS: Why are So Many HS AD’s Calling it Quits?

On last Sunday’s radio show, I asked whether the time has finally come to seriously think about walking away from traditional HS varsity sports programs. I asked that question because so many talented and gifted coaches have become tired and worn out by the endless number of sports parents who con.... More »
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10 Things You Will Miss When Your Child Stops Playing Sports + MORE

Playing sports brings you and your child many challenges–some good and some very very ugly. But when your kids are done playing sports–be it before or after college–there will be things you will miss because there’s nothing quite like watching your child grow, fail, overcome,.... More »
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How to Explain Mental Training to Young Athletes

Mental Game Coaching For Young Athletes A sport parent asks: “My son has been in a slump with all his baseball activities that he cannot seem to shake. He cannot communicate to us what he needs to help him and we don’t want him to fail even more. How do we help him understand?” To answ.... More »
This June, CoachUp surveyed over 250 youth sports coaches from around the country in order to better understand this major subculture. As we’ve covered on our blog before, many people, including Tom Brady, believe that youth sports have gotten too intense and that overbearing parents are to blame — and, ultimately, our survey findings only further serve that […] The post CoachUp Infographic: Are You A Bad Or Good Sports Parent? appeared first on CoachUp Blog…

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How to Be an Athlete-Oriented Coach


I’ve written about the topic of good coaching vs. bad coaching many times in my career, and it always amazes me how much of a chord this strikes in the hearts of athletes, parents, and coaches alike.
There are a lot of great coaches out there, but there are also many who just don’t know how to do their job!
Not only is it unfortunate that so many poorly trained coaches are grossly abusing their power by using aggression and force to “train” their athletes, but also downright tragic that the athletes who work with them – and don’t know that this is wrong – end up burned out, injured, or leaving their sport because they just can’t take the abuse any more…

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There’s an interesting state-of-the-media conflict going on in Jackson, Miss.
In response to the Jackson State football program closing practices and not making players and assistant coaches available to the media for three weeks,
the Clarion-Ledger, a Gannett newspaper in Jackson, announced that it would “cease day-to-day beat coverage of Jackson State athletics until the situation can be resolved…

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