How Should Sports Parents Behave Before A Game? + MORE

How Should Sports Parents Behave Before A Game? + MORE
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Parents: Give Your Kids Permission to Make Mistakes + MORE

Do Parents Expect Athlete to Not Make Mistakes? Do your sports kids struggle with their composure or game after making mistakes? We receive this question a lot: A coach asks: “I coach a U16 girls team, and I find that while they are great athletically, they tend to fold under pressure and cru.... More »

CLUB TEAMS: Are They Really the Future of Youth Sports in the US?

In light of all the debate and feedback I received in recent weeks  regarding the growing and game-changing impact that pay-for-play club teams are having on youth sports in this country, I thought we’d take a step ahead – and begin to think about what this will mean and how youth sports are go.... More »

How to Recognize the Uncontrollables and Stay Focused on What Matters Most + MORE

When you go into a game focusing on one or more UC’s or “uncontrollables” three things will always happen to you. First, you will begin to get nervous and physically tense. Second, you will lose your self-confidence. Third, and as a direct result of these first two, your performance will qui.... More »

DANGERS OF CONCUSSIONS: How State Laws Are Mandating Adult Education on This Important Issue

A New Study on Adult-Education Mandates In State Concussion Laws By Doug Abrams  Between 2009 and 2014, amid heightened public awareness about the serious consequences of concussions suffered in youth sports, every state and the District of Columbia enacted laws designed to promote prevention and t.... More »
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The Greatest Fictional Coach Bracket + MORE

The Bracket (SEE FULL BRACKET) Some of the greatest coaches to grace the gridiron or pace the hardwood have been fictional. They hold a special place in pop culture history, and sometimes we wish they could hop out of the TV and give us a pep talk. Unfortunately the closest we can get is flipping on.... More »
youth football tournaments 1410461610 1724652400 How Should Sports Parents Behave Before A Game? + MORELisa Cohn here to tell you all about the challenges I encountered before my son’s first soccer game.
Truth is, I was nervous for Michael. He’s six years old and this was the first sports game he had ever played. I wanted it to be a positive experience for him. I worried that if anything went wrong, he’d never want to return to soccer…

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Summary By Dev K. Mishra, M.D.
President, Sideline Sports Doc
Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University
Key Points:

Verheijen is an outspoken critic of many soccer coaches and often places the blame for athletes’ injuries on what he believes is improper player management and training from the coaches
He believes many injuries are the result of overtraining, fatigue, or ramping training intensity too quickly
This is an extremely entertaining podcast, well worth listening, but does lack some evidence so take it with a grain of salt

We are often asked by injured athletes to try and pinpoint the cause of injuries…

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Have you ever sat and watched a young person texting? They will be sitting there, head down with an expressionless face, while what they are typing might be chock full of emotion or joy. That lack of expression is definitely a concern. They are being trained on how to interact by their phone and it carries over…

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flag football tournaments 1410461617 577244391 How Should Sports Parents Behave Before A Game? + MOREIt is proven that kids who participate in sports get higher grades, have greater confidence and self-esteem, maintain strong peer relationships, have greater connections with their schools, have more academically
oriented friends, avoid risky behavior, and have greater involvement in volunteer work. They are physically and mentally well rounded thanks to their participation in a youth sports program…

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youth sports 1410461614 73376546 How Should Sports Parents Behave Before A Game? + MOREWe have written extensively over the years about a wide range of issues, from building organizational trust and credibility to how leaders can prepare to interact with the media in an engaging, thoughtful and credible manner.One other area of significant interest for us remains the role of the coach in youth sports…

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I’m not sure why this piece by Michael Driscoll frames the debate as internet vs. newspapers, but it’s a smart reaction to Facebook’s new policy on “clickbait” headlines.
The headline: “Keep calm and write a headline worth reading.”
Facebook announced recently that it would step up its efforts “to weed out stories that people frequently tell us are spammy and that they don’t want to see…

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