How Parents Can Help Young Athletes Improve Focus + MORE

How Parents Can Help Young Athletes Improve Focus + MORE

TRENDS IN SPORTS: Should Varsity Letters Be Awards to HS Students Who Compete in Non-Athletic Pursuits?

On my WFAN radio show last Sunday we had a spirited discussion on whether videogames – or e-games as they are known – should be considered as a new kind of HS sport. Most of the debate centered on whether these very popular games should be classified as a sport…or simply as an activity. T.... More »

Top 5 Youth Sports Injuries,Part 4: Female Concussions and 3 Facts You Should Know

This week, Female Concussions is the fourth injury in a 5-part series on youth sports injuries, sponsored by the UHealth Sports Medicine Institute, part of the University of Miami health system. UHealth is paying me for these posts because they believe strongly in the importance of a safe youth.... More »
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Resourcefulness: How Parents Help Children Achieve Goals + MORE

When our daughter Sarah was in 7th grade, her Latin Class held student chariot races—reenacting a sport that began in ancient Greece. Sarah’s goal was to build the best chariot so she and her team could win the competition. It was a fun school project, and one that had the potential to help Sara.... More »

DANGERS OF CONCUSSIONS: How State Laws Are Mandating Adult Education on This Important Issue

A New Study on Adult-Education Mandates In State Concussion Laws By Doug Abrams  Between 2009 and 2014, amid heightened public awareness about the serious consequences of concussions suffered in youth sports, every state and the District of Columbia enacted laws designed to promote prevention and t.... More »

Seven Tips For Healthy Weight Gain + MORE

  "No matter what I eat, I can't seem to gain weight..." "What about those weight gain powders ... do they work?" "How much more protein should I eat to help me bulk up?"  Although two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese, a handful of skinny peopl.... More »
MLS needs to embrace data analytics, but they can’t afford it For decades, the nature of strategy and tactics relied mostly on perception, superstition, and a gut-feeling of potential promise. While these methods of destruction were feasible for the passionate fans or stubborn managers, it oftentimes lead to less favorable results…

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Concentration Tips For Young Athletes
Parents, do your kids focus on the score, their statistics, or other outcomes in sports?
If so, you can help them avoid the problems associated with these types of focus.
When kids focus too much on the outcome, they can’t concentrate on the process. In addition, if they focus too much on the outcome, they’ll get easily frustrated when things aren’t going the way they want them to…

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