How Parents Can Help Young Athletes Improve Focus + MORE

How Parents Can Help Young Athletes Improve Focus + MORE

Why I Love Fantasy Football + MORE

There are so many reasons to love Fantasy Football. I thought I’d create my own list. Before that, would you believe that Fantasy Football started in the 1960s? In 1962, Wilfred “Bill the Gill” Winkenbach, an Oakland-based businessman and part owner of the Raiders developed an orga.... More »

17th Annual Mother's Day Wish List + MORE

It's Mothers Day once again. Time for spring sports, warmer weather, longer days, planting gardens, and, of course, watching kids play sports. Each year for the past seventeen years, MomsTEAM has published my Mother's Day Wish list. As you will see, many of the wishes on this year's list will look .... More »
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Girls Drop Out Rate Higher Than Boys + MORE

Why Do More Girls Drop Out of Sports Than Boys? We already knew that by the time they are 13, seventy-five percent of kids drop out of sports, mostly because they’re not having fun anymore. But research shows that girls drop out of sports at rates six times higher than boys. We spoke recently with.... More »
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Athletes and Back to School: 8 Things Parents and Coaches Can Do To Make It Easier

Note: I originally published this a few years ago but find it very helpful to revisit at this time of the year! Our kids go back to school soon but many of our mid-west friends have kids who go back to school this week.  For us the first week of school is also the first week of practice on the fal.... More »

6 Ways Good Sleep Can Help Your Athlete Play Better

This article is sponsored by, a company that is dedicated to helping everyone achieve their optimal sleep level and wake up each day with more energy and focus. Good Sleep is often overlooked as a fitness strategy for athletic performance. Every athlete knows they need the right cal.... More »
MLS needs to embrace data analytics, but they can’t afford it For decades, the nature of strategy and tactics relied mostly on perception, superstition, and a gut-feeling of potential promise. While these methods of destruction were feasible for the passionate fans or stubborn managers, it oftentimes lead to less favorable results…

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Concentration Tips For Young Athletes
Parents, do your kids focus on the score, their statistics, or other outcomes in sports?
If so, you can help them avoid the problems associated with these types of focus.
When kids focus too much on the outcome, they can’t concentrate on the process. In addition, if they focus too much on the outcome, they’ll get easily frustrated when things aren’t going the way they want them to…

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