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A tournament is any organized special event that brings together teams of flag football players for the purpose of competing in flag football games; whether for sportsmanship, friendship, a championship or other competitive recognition, with or without awards or other recognition, in an environment that is good for the players and good for the game.

Participating in a successful tournament should be the source of good memories and lasting friendships for both the hosts and guests. Innumerable hours of hard work and preparation by a staff of dedicated volunteers are necessary to have a successful tournament experience.


Let’s Get Together…5v5PlayFlag is the world’s first and only 5v5 youth flag football governing body. By partnering with us, we provide the first and only complete turn-key event management solution in the United States. By sanctiong your event with us, you have access to the following:

The resources of a complete event management organization while maintaining administrative control of your event
The 5v5PlayFlag nationally recognized brand and logo
Multi-million dollar event insurance for each event
Social Media creation/management of the event
Complete tournament website, including online registration and tournament game scheduling.
Established and recognized playing rules
Complete SEO and Online Marketing for the event
Email marketing to one of the largest database of flag and tackle teams in the United States to help secure more teams for the event.
 Complete travel and accommodation services for teams

It Is Your Event …Partnering with us increases the Event Operator’s:

• Advertising revenue
Volunteer participation
• Gate admission revenue
Facility availability
• Apparel revenue
Event Participation
Concession revenue
National Qualifier Event
• Entry fee revenue
Event credibility

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Protect Your Assets…The Best Sports Accident and Liability Insurance in the Industry.

It can be extremely difficult and expensive to obtain insurance coverage for amateur athletic competitions. As an event operator if insurance is not obtained the personal assets of the individuals conducting the event are at risk. Every sanctioned event will be provided the proper insurance for all teams, spectators, facility owners and sponsors. PROVIDED FREE FOR ALL SANCTIONED EVENTS

Event Management Software – Online Event Registration

Our easy to use event management registration software takes the labor and suspense out of event registration. We manage every aspect of your interactions with your potential attendees including multiple invitational emails, easy to use branded registration site, automated reminders and post event follow-up communication. 5v5PlayFlag takes care of your online registration, event marketing and event management so you can focus on the other details that will make your event a success! The easy to use interface allows you to review reports and make changes on the fly including scheduling, pricing, registration information, attendance, and much more. Our team will be at your side through the whole process to make sure the event management portion of your 5v5 flag football tournament is 1st class. PROVIDED FREE FOR ALL SANCTIONED EVENTS

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Event Marketing and Promotion

We are a full service event marketing company and provide multiple services to help you market your 5v5PlayFlag sanctioned event. From targeted email campaigns to search engine optimized pages promoting your event, 5v5PlayFlag will work with you to get the word out about your event. Event management, registration and online event marketing all under one roof.  5v5PlayFlag provides the first complete sports event management service designed exclusively for youth sports. Our services include event branding and marketing, on-line event management, insurance programs, travel services, tournament game scheduling, event project management operations and logistics management. What a concept! Partner with 5v5PlayFlag to make your next event a success. 5v5PlayFlag provides a specialist, dedicated sports management service, facilitated by a professional team that has first-hand experience of managing large sporting events. 5v5PlayFlag has managed an impressive portfolio of sporting events and continues to built on its reputation for efficiency, creativity and sound expertise. Call for a consultation or with any questions you might have. PROVIDED FREE FOR ALL SANCTIONED EVENTS

Professional Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO (search engine optimization) is a process that improves your organic (non paid) search results with the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Our team of SEO consultants are well versed in every aspect of search engine optimization from compelling content writing to site construction and linking strategies. All of our sanctioned events will have SEO provided to help the event website to rank for keywords that attract more teams to register for the event. PROVIDED FREE FOR ALL SANCTIONED EVENTS

Travel Accommodations for Teams

Once you’ve found your perfect venue for your flag football event our team will manage your hotel allocation to ensure your team have everything covered. To make it hassle-free for teams and team managers to attend the event. We offer a customized solution to meet the needs of each team registered to attend your event. PROVIDED FREE FOR ALL SANCTIONED EVENTS

Using Social Media for Event Marketing

Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus: These are just a few of the growing number of online social communities out there on the web. These are great places to find new teams and keep in touch with old ones but there is also a growing consensus that social media sites have great marketing value that can be leveraged to advertise your flag football event.  If done right, social media marketing can be an extremely effective method deploying the best type of advertising: word of mouth. The key is to advertise subtly. Rather than yell and shout about how great your event is, post a few photos of your event from last year, talk about other events in the area and mention you have your own…before you know it, one person will tell another, then that person will tell someone else. All of the sudden, there is a buzz in the community and teams are reaching out to you for more information about your event and where they can go to learn more. 5v5PlayFlag creates a complete social media network for each event to help drive more teams to register for your event. PROVIDED FREE FOR ALL SANCTIONED EVENTS



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