High School Athletes Are Getting Fat And Injured + MORE

High School Athletes Are Getting Fat And Injured + MORE
youth flag football tournaments 1499431444 294133781 High School Athletes Are Getting Fat And Injured + MORE

Parents: Give Your Kids Permission to Make Mistakes + MORE

Do Parents Expect Athlete to Not Make Mistakes? Do your sports kids struggle with their composure or game after making mistakes? We receive this question a lot: A coach asks: “I coach a U16 girls team, and I find that while they are great athletically, they tend to fold under pressure and cru.... More »
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Why Perfectionist Sports Kids Aren’t So Perfect + MORE

What’s The Problem With Perfectionism? Perfectionist sports kids show up to practice on time and work hard to improve their skills. Coaches like them because they follow directions. Sounds perfect, right? But there’s a problem with perfectionist sports kids—often, both in sports and life..... More »
junior football tournaments 1420002101 1114934380 High School Athletes Are Getting Fat And Injured + MORE

Teaching Goal Setting for Kids + MORE

  A study on Harvard MBA grads revealed that 3% of the grads made ten times as much as the other 97% combined. Wow! The difference was they had clear, written goals and plans to accomplish them. I wish someone had taught me this as a kid. I didn’t learn how to consistently practice goal s.... More »

Uplifting! Research and interviews are more enlightening than assumptions + MORE

I like this New York Magazine profile of Upworthy, which writer Nitsuh Abebe describes as “one of the fastest-­growing media sites in internet history.” What I like about it is that it’s based on solid reporting. Abebe asks a lot of good questions and clearly spent a lot of time t.... More »
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CoachUp’s Top Sports Books to Read + MORE

The CoachUp office is buzzing with excitement over the release of Reaching Another Level: How Private Coaching Transforms the Lives of Professional Athletes, Weekend Warriors, and the Kids Next Door, written by CoachUp CEO and founder Jordan Fliegel. If you haven’t downloaded your copy yet, be.... More »
youth flag football tournaments 1391130815 77117429 High School Athletes Are Getting Fat And Injured + MOREIt has become a tradition in football for players to hold up four fingers at the start of the 4th quarter, signifying that they need to dig deep and finish strong.  Even if their legs are dead and they’re ready to quit, they convince themselves to compete for one more quarter.  This type of self-talk motivation is used by many athletes but now its effectiveness has been supported by new research from the University of Kent…

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 1391130800 1629001741 High School Athletes Are Getting Fat And Injured + MOREToo often, sports kids simply go through the motions in youth sports, says Bobby Kipper, a former college coach and co-author of the book, “Performance Driven Thinking.”
“The kids are there physically, but their minds are not there,” he says. “They’re not giving their all…

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You’ve almost made it through your first month of All Pro Dad Basic Training 2014! Congratulations for starting the year off by creating a new habit to help you better connect with your kids. Last month’s training was the Huddle Up Challenge. For those new to Basic Training, click here to catch up…

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This week’s episode of "Friday Night Tykes" hit a new low.
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youth football tournaments 1391130812 1420258315 High School Athletes Are Getting Fat And Injured + MOREWhen it comes to Superbowl viewing, 9 out of 10 people will be at home or a friend’s house watching the big game.  On average, fans will eat 1,200 calories worth of snack foods during the game, not counting drinks or actual meals.
We put our heads together to come up with a list of top game-watching snacks, and then found healthier interpretations for which to swap them…

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One thing about being an aspiring journalist—not to mention any other kind of journalist—is that the business changes so fast it’s hard to keep up with what it means to be a journalist in the first place.
That’s a problem. It’s also very exciting. I don’t think there’s ever been a more interesting time to be in this racket…

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junior football tournaments 1391130817 1628607520 High School Athletes Are Getting Fat And Injured + MORE“He has great field vision.” “Her court awareness is the difference.” “He seems to have eyes in the back of his head.” Beyond physical talent and technical abilities, some players seem to have this sixth sense of awareness on a court, rink or field that allows them to keep track of their teammates and their opponents so that they can make the perfect pass or step in at the last second to make a defensive stop…

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youth flag football tournaments 1391130816 878384998 High School Athletes Are Getting Fat And Injured + MOREIn the new era of “bigger is better” in youth and high school sports, strength and conditioning programs emphasize muscle development over pure size. However, many kids get the formula wrong and simply bulk up with protein shakes, fast food and not enough movement.While we don’t typically think of athletes struggling with weight issues, they face the same battle as the general public in making the right choices and understanding their body’s unique metabolism…

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Across just about every team sport, young defenders are coached how to read an opponent’s body cues to avoid being caught out of position.  Whether in hockey, basketball, soccer or football, if a player can learn to focus on a consistent center point, like the chest, he can take away the offensive attacker’s element of surprise…

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youth flag football tournaments 1391130815 1156366669 High School Athletes Are Getting Fat And Injured + MOREAsk a busy coach or performance specialist if they would like to learn a new technology system for their athletes and they’ll probably tell you that they do just fine with what they have.  Instead, if they were asked if they would like to be able to predict athletic injuries before they occur or which players will under perform in the next game, most coaches would jump at the chance to gain that competitive edge…

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