Helping Young Athletes Who Aren’t Getting the Chance to Show Their Talent + MORE

Helping Young Athletes Who Aren’t Getting the Chance to Show Their Talent + MORE
youth football tournaments 1405558305 555274903 Helping Young Athletes Who Aren’t Getting the Chance to Show Their Talent + MORE

Overcoming Barriers to Responsibility + MORE

  Several months ago, stand-up comedian Louis CK hosted Saturday Night Live.  In his opening monologue one joke in particular stood out to me. “I was talking to my friend and he said his girlfriend was mad at him.  I asked him what happened and he goes, ‘Well I guess I said something and .... More »
flag football tournaments 1440124489 1954065264 Helping Young Athletes Who Aren’t Getting the Chance to Show Their Talent + MORE

Your Runner’s High Is Now Scientifically Proven! + MORE

Finally, there is an answer to the long-discussed runner’s high and the impending euphoria that goes with it — and its name is irisin. This hormone is directly released into the bloodstream, which is often why athletes may feel strong and invincible during or just following any intense work.... More »

5 Things You Cannot Turn a Blind Eye to in Youth Sports + MORE

Sometimes you just have to ignore the ridiculous behavior in youth sports. Going on a crusade to stomp out all that’s bad in the youth sports culture is a daunting task. You will do more by being a positive voice for what’s being done right and how to do it right, instead of constantly harping...... More »

TRENDS IN SPORTS: Is Adam LaRoche Being a Good – or Bad – Father?

Here’s what I find so amazing about sports parenting issues: You never know when the next controversy is going to come from. Case in point: Long-time major league slugger Adam LaRoche made national headlines this past week, insisting that he had language in his contract with the Chicago White .... More »

Is it Possible to Coach Your Child Objectively?

You may get accused of favoritism by parents and players. Your child may say you are harder on her than her teammates. The struggle of coaching your child objectively is real. Is it possible? Be a positive voice for change in youth sports by spreading the positive sports parenting word. Invite oth.... More »
youth flag football tournaments 1394724392 1408616538 Helping Young Athletes Who Aren’t Getting the Chance to Show Their Talent + MOREBjorn, a 12-year-old hockey player, joined a AAA team after three years of playing hockey, and suddenly found himself surrounded by other athletes with 7 or 8 years’ experience, while he only had three years’ experience.
The other players didn’t pass to him and the coach initially didn’t let him on the ice for “penalty kills” because he wasn’t the fastest skater…

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When you’re writing on a tight deadline and you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to get this fact and that opinion and the other piece of sharp, witty analysis into this mess, it’s easy to forget the bones of it.*
We’re telling stories here.’s Kristen Hare has a piece about the annual Power of Narrative conference in Boston next month…

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Given the growing prevalence of youth who are overweight and obese and the associated health-related concerns, the influence of resistance training on the metabolic health, body composition and injury risk profile of children and adolescents with excess body fat has received increased attention…

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Thinking about starting your child or teen in a resistance training program, but wondering whether it is a good idea? Not only is there no cause for concern, but, according to a new international consensus statement (Loyd RS, et al 2014), resistance training for children and adolescents has two major benefits: improved athletic performance and a positive effect on overall health…

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We want to make All Pro Dad even better!  We especially want to make our resources more applicable to your needs and interests. To do that, we need to know more about YOU and what you want from us. As a result, we have created our 2014 Reader Survey.
Would you please take a few minutes to fill out the survey? By doing so, you will ultimately be helping yourself…

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