Helping Kids Stop Socializing And Focus Before a Game

Helping Kids Stop Socializing And Focus Before a Game

When Sports Parents SHOULD Butt In

As the words in Ecclesiastes 3 say, “There is a time for everything,” and that is especially true for sports parents. There IS a time to butt in….          Related Stories8 Things Every Soccer Parent Needs to KnowHow to Deal with a Negative .... More »

TRENDS IN SPORTS: When HS Athletes Protest by Taking a Knee….

So you and your family are sitting down to have dinner this fall, and let’s say your son,  who plays varsity football at your local HS, suddenly announces at the dinner table that he agrees with what Colin Kapaernick is doing in terms of protesting racial bias and oppression in this country ̵.... More »

How to Defeat Sports Parenting Anxiety + MORE

Do you ever suffer from sports parenting anxiety? Just about every sports parent feels it, the anxiousness in the pit of your stomach when you’re worried about your child. I’ve felt it many times in 22 years of sports parenting. There were times when my son was a senior quarterback that .... More »
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How Parents Can Help Young Athletes Improve Focus + MORE

Concentration Tips For Young Athletes Parents, do your kids focus on the score, their statistics, or other outcomes in sports? If so, you can help them avoid the problems associated with these types of focus. When kids focus too much on the outcome, they can’t concentrate on the process. In addit.... More »
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Can Sports Improve Young Athletes’ Self-Esteem? + MORE

Do Sports Help Self-Esteem? A sports parent writes: “My 12-year-old has always had low-self confidence and low self-esteem. My hope was that a competitive sport (baseball for us) could help him develop these but so far results (four years into the mission) are negative to neutral at best. How do .... More »
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The Importance Of A Pregame Routine For Athletes
Let’s face it. Many kids join sports teams to be with their friends. That means they love to chat with one another.
But you want them to feel confident and capable about their athletic abilities.
And when they talk with friends just before a game about last night’s party, a favorite book, or the goofy science teacher, their minds aren’t in the right place…
How can parents and coaches help kids focus on athletics—and not friends—just before a game or competition?
How can parents and coaches help kids understand that mental preparation is just as important as physical preparation just before a game?
First, encourage them to start with a simple routine to prepare for the game…

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