Helping Kids Stop Socializing And Focus Before a Game

Helping Kids Stop Socializing And Focus Before a Game

5 Tips for Effectively Confronting a Coach

Confronting a coach is not a habit that I advocate when a parent is unhappy with playing time, position, or even coaching strategy. But I know that there will be times when you feel you must do it anyway for one of those purposes, or even for a reason that has nothing to do with...Read More &#.... More »

Have you Ever Felt the Pain of Politics in Youth Sports?

Have you ever felt the pain of politics in youth sports? If so, you will identify with this mom’s story: My two sons who played football in high school were both what I consider victims of politics. It has soured my taste for kids and sports. When my oldest son was a freshman he was...Read.... More »

2017 Sports Nutrition News

  In this era of highly competitive sports, more and more runners, cyclists, soccer players and other serious athletes are eagerly seeking information on how to fuel optimally. Performance nutrition is also of interest to Marines, special operations troops such as the Navy Sea, Air and Land .... More »
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10 Youth Sports Travel Hacks for Parents + MORE

These travel hacks for youth sports parents provide shortcuts and ideas which will make the trip easier. With my daughter playing travel softball, my son playing travel basketball and my youngest playing travel volleyball and basketball, we traveled a lot for youth sports. We probably didn’t d.... More »

Sports Psychology Secrets: Taking a Moment to Reflect on Serena Williams’ Meltdown at the US Open

Like millions of sports viewers worldwide, I happened to tune into the finals of the women’s tennis championship at the US Open yesterday – and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. If you haven’t seen the video by now (although I assume if you follow sports, you probably hav.... More »
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The Importance Of A Pregame Routine For Athletes
Let’s face it. Many kids join sports teams to be with their friends. That means they love to chat with one another.
But you want them to feel confident and capable about their athletic abilities.
And when they talk with friends just before a game about last night’s party, a favorite book, or the goofy science teacher, their minds aren’t in the right place…
How can parents and coaches help kids focus on athletics—and not friends—just before a game or competition?
How can parents and coaches help kids understand that mental preparation is just as important as physical preparation just before a game?
First, encourage them to start with a simple routine to prepare for the game…

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