Help Your Kids Avoid Sports Drop Out + MORE

Help Your Kids Avoid Sports Drop Out + MORE

Green Bay Packers: Schedule, Meme, Tickets

The Green Bay Packers. Even folks that don’t know a field goal is worth 3 points know what the Packers are all about. When the nickname of your host city is “Titletown,” it’s not difficult to understand that there’s a rich history of championships. The smallest town to host an NFL .... More »

WOC #24 Tom Bates, Head of Performance Psychology and Culture for Aston Villa FC , It’s often not what we say in coaching, but what we do that teaches them the most + MORE

What would your team look like if you let them shape and drive the culture, and if you loved them first as people before you ever tried to be coach? Would they be more like the bad news bears instead of Barcelona? If you said the bad news bears, you are dead wrong. In this The post WOC #24 Tom Bates.... More »
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Coping With The Mental Side of Sports Injuries in Kids

Helping Sports Kids Build Confidence When Injured When kids experience sports injuries severe enough to keep them from playing or participating, they tend to have fairly dramatic reactions, said Dr. Jorge Gomez, Pediatric Sports Medicine Physician at Texas Children’s Hospital in a podcast intervie.... More »

VIDEO: Your Greatest Opponent as an Athlete + MORE

Athletes: your toughest opponent is YOURSELF! I'm all for striving to be the best you can be. But when you try to be perfect, then fail and beat yourself up, you're actually slowing your progress down. I explain more in this video.   [youtube] .... More »
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Natural Post Workout Soreness Solution with LATHER’s Muscle Ease

Disclosure – I was sent this product to review and this post contains affiliate links. All opinions are 100% my own. Athletes of all ages and levels deal with sore muscles and minor aches and pains on a regular basis. For some, just a little rest and stretching is all it needs but for others,.... More »

How NFL Fantasy Football Works


How NFL Fantasy Football works is a mystery to many folks. Fantasy sports are incredibly popular – it’s estimated by Fantasy Sports Trade Association that about 1 in 5 people play in the U.S. But, those who are not big fans of football might struggle with game play. The NFL fantasy football is a game of […] The post How NFL Fantasy Football Works appeared first on Sports Feel Good Stories.

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Help Your Kids Avoid Sports Drop Out


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How Parents Can Help Kids Stay in Sports
More then 70 percent of children drop out of organized sports by the time they are 15.
As sports parents, it’s up to you to try to keep sports as fun and stress-free as possible to avoid having kids drop out.
The number one reason your kids will quit sports is too much pressure from adults, which leads to less fun for kids…

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By Tamara Hew Butler, DPM, Ph.D., FASCM

Lead them to water but do make them drink

Summertime is here, along with advice to drink plenty of water and remain well-hydrated. While maintaining hydration is important, this well-intentioned advice can be overdone, especially in weekend warriors and motivated athletes, resulting in sodium disorders like exercise associated hyponatremia…

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