Help Kids Be More Mentally Resilient + MORE

Help Kids Be More Mentally Resilient + MORE

5 Keys to Raising Fearless Children

Raising fearless children, whether on the ball field or in the classroom, is a goal of every good parent. But what if your athlete struggles with fear? Fear of failure? Fear of risk? Fear of not being good enough? Where does this fear come from? It shows up in children without any warning and  you..... More »

Top 5 Youth Sports Injuries and How You Can Help Your Child Deal With Them, Part 3: Tommy John Surgery

This week, Tommy John Surgery is the third injury in a 5-part series on youth sports injuries, sponsored by the UHealth Sports Medicine Institute, part of the University of Miami health system. UHealth is paying me for these posts because they believe strongly in the importance of a safe youth s.... More »
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Green Spaces as Habitats for Kids, Families, and Mobile Devices

Do you have green spaces within walking, driving, or public transport distance from your home? If you’re looking for positive ways to feel connected as a family, it’s time to get yourselves and your kids outdoors—into green spaces, parks, beaches, forests, backyards, and neighborhoods! The lat.... More »

Why Athletic Talent isn’t Enough + MORE

Your child may be an amazing athlete, but athletic talent is not enough for them to achieve their goals. In a study that is rather long and tedious, author Daniel Chambliss addresses The Mundanity of Excellence as it relates to Olympic swimmers. His conclusions go against the grain of what we see a .... More »
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Empowering Girls to Become Change Makers

Child and adolescent psychotherapist, Katie Hurley, believes in empowering girls. And she thinks the time to start is now. She’s not alone. Stories that have emerged from the #MeToo movement have made it abundantly clear that a woman’s lack of self-esteem and her silence on bullying, abuse, and .... More »
Athletes are not the only ones who need coaches. Sometimes parents need coaches too. However, athletes and parents need two different types of coaches. The word “coach” is used a lot these days. And it actually has a couple of meanings. Do you know these two different kinds of coaches? The most common meaning of…

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Help Kids Be More Mentally Resilient


youth football tournaments 1503665054 435146502 Help Kids Be More Mentally Resilient + MOREThe Importance of Resiliency in Youth Sports
A sports parent asks, “My children seem to get easily stressed out when things go wrong while playing. Is there anything I can do about this?”
The issue your children are facing is common and can be challenging. They could benefit from some training that boosts their resilience…

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