Help Girls In Sports Overcome Bullying + MORE

Help Girls In Sports Overcome Bullying + MORE
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Why Sports Should be Fun for Young Kids + MORE

How Can Parents Help Athletes Have Fun? A sport parent asks: “My 5-yr-old niece is playing softball and right now she is experiencing issues of not wanting to bat with fear of getting out. It’s real bad and embarrassing, she keeps crying and having tantrums in the dugout. Also today after f.... More »
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How to Tap into Your Athletes’ Personal Motives for Sports Participation + MORE

Motivating Young Athletes Without Pressuring Them In our survey of more than 3,000 sports parents, the top challenge cited by parents of young athletes is this: How can I help my kids get the most of out sports without pressuring them? In the survey, 68.7 percent of respondents named this issue as a.... More »

DADS AS SPORTS PARENTS: Everything I Learned About Youth Sports I Learned from My Father

My Dad —  Hall of Fame Sportscaster Bob Wolff – passed away two weeks ago at the age of 96. My father was one of those rare individuals who knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life. He loved sports, and he loved talking about them on the air. And he not only had the good fortune .... More »

The “Power of Moments” in Youth Sports

The Magic Castle Hotel is one of the top three rated hotels in Los Angeles. Of its nearly 3000 reviews, 93% rate it very good or excellent, putting it above properties such as The Four Seasons and the Ritz Carlton. Yet, as you flip through the photos online, you don’t see much that makes you The p.... More »

5 Youth Sports Costs That May Surprise You

This post is a paid advertisement by Securian Financial Group, Inc. Securian and its affiliates help provide financial security to individuals, families and businesses in the form of insurance, investments and retirement plans. All opinions expressed here are my own.   According to Time Magazin.... More »

Help Girls In Sports Overcome Bullying


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Girls and women in sports like to focus on relationships, while boys and men are less likely to do this, says Joan Steidinger, author of “Sisterhood in Sports: How Female Athletes Collaborate and Compete.”
But while focusing on relationships has many pluses—kids who do this are likely to be good team players, for example—girls are often criticized by coaches for this trait, she says…

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Why Your Kids Need to Struggle


Are your kids in a struggle right now in sports? When my kids were playing sports in high school, I remember sharing my frustration with a friend. It was hard watching them struggle through their challenges. My friend wisely commented, “The strongest kids I’ve seen are the ones who things don’t come to easily…

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How To Improve Composure In Youth Sports


flag football tournament 1452931438 19663035 Help Girls In Sports Overcome Bullying + MOREIn “Sessions with Doc,” Dr. Patrick Cohn answers your sports psychology and mental training questions about the key to composure in sports. Visit and click on contact us to submit your question for Dr. Cohn to answer in his mental game videocast or podcast.
Do you have young athletes that get angry or frustrated and lose their composure either in practice or competition?
Today I’m going to help teach you how you can teach your kids to stay more composed when they go compete or when they practice…

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