Great Dads Are Great Leaders + MORE

Great Dads Are Great Leaders + MORE
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Does More Spending On Kids’ Sports Cause More Pressure? + MORE

Parents, think twice before investing a lot of money into youth sports. While your intentions may be well-meaning, your efforts may backfire. That’s the word from a new study about spending and youth sports. The author, Travis Dorsch, found that higher parental spending creates sports kids who.... More »
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Staying Sharp During the Dog Days of Summer + MORE

Staying Sharp During the Dog Days of Summer Just because children have long forgotten about homework during the summer, that doesn’t mean they should also forget about all they’ve worked towards in sports. The warmer months are no excuse for children to fall out of the habit of training, but wit.... More »
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Can A Concussion Increase Lower Extremity Injury Risk?

By Dev K. Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points: Athletes who’ve had a concussion might have subtle alterations in eye movement or balance even after their symptoms are gone The differences in eye movement or.... More »

You know what would bite? Not reading Wright Thompson’s Luis Suarez profile + MORE

Two quick notes in the wake of Luis Suarez biting Giorgio Chiellini in Uruguay’s win over Italy Tuesday: First, the memes have been disappointing. Come on, internet. Second, if you hadn’t already read Wright Thompson’s May 14 ESPN the Magazine piece Portrait of a Serial Winner, no.... More »

7 Things You Must Protect Your Daughter From

  A father’s urge to protect his daughter is cross-cultural. Truth be told, no matter what our parenting style, our daughters look to us for security. It’s not an old-fashioned sentiment. Our girls are hard-wired to look to us fathers as protectors. This article discusses just some of the.... More »
national youth football championships 1392711430 1934520814 Great Dads Are Great Leaders + MORECussing is so prevalent in today’s world that many people almost don’t even hear it anymore. We are so desensitized to it that words that would have never been used when coaching kids 20 years ago are regularly being used today in youth sports.
No matter how you feel about cussing around kids or in youth sports, the fact is that there are just some things cussing won’t do for a coach:

Profanity doesn’t make someone a better coach…

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Great Dads Are Great Leaders


Public leaders and Presidents get a lot of attention, and they should because their leadership roles are very important. But as many of you know, one of the most important leadership roles is at home, as dad.
Each February, we honor some of the men who have led our great country. Two of our most well-known Presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, were born in February, and every third Monday in February is President’s Day when we honor all Presidents for serving and leading our country…

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