Girls Drop Out Rate Higher Than Boys + MORE

Girls Drop Out Rate Higher Than Boys + MORE
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Help Sports Kids Who Worry About Disappointing Teammates

Helping Young Athletes Define Their Self-Concept A sports parent asks: “How do I help my child be more focused on his role on the team and not so worried about disappointing his teammates and others?” It’s common for sports kids to worry about disappointing others. Kids often seek soc.... More »
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Helping Youth Baseball Players Deal with Failure

Strategies to Help Sports Kids Overcome Failure Fear of failure affects sports children in all types of sports, but can be especially challenging in baseball, says Nova Newcomer, executive director, Friends of Baseball, in Portland, Oregon. “The tough challenge with baseball is it’s a failur.... More »
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6 Tips for Raising Independent Children

As parents, it feels good—great even —when our kids NEED us. When they turn to us for guidance, affection, even that peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Those are all good things. We do have to remind ourselves, however, our long-term parenting goal is to guide our kids from being totally depen.... More »
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When Kids Play Better in Practice Than Games

 Helping Sports Kids Take Confidence to Games A sports parent asks: “My child is consistently amazing in practice, his coach tells me he’s one of the best practice players on the team, but he freezes up when game time comes! What can I do to help this?” When kids under perform in comp.... More »
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How to Eat Healthy and Save Money When Traveling for Youth Sports + MORE

Have you figured out how to eat healthy when going to games and tournaments? Let’s be real. Life in busy sports families means that something has to give.What is that “something” for you? For many, mealtimes seem to suffer the most neglect. Travel teams and late afternoon or early.... More »

It’s Buzzer Beater Season


An important buzzer beater is one of the biggest moments in sports. Like the walk-off homer or the overtime goal in hockey, folks remember these moments. Here’s the story of an important buzzer beater. Central Christian Academy hit a full-court, buzzer beater for the win over Arlington High School to advance in section…

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Girls Drop Out Rate Higher Than Boys


flag football tournaments 1488424528 1229949322 Girls Drop Out Rate Higher Than Boys + MOREWhy Do More Girls Drop Out of Sports Than Boys?
We already knew that by the time they are 13, seventy-five percent of kids drop out of sports, mostly because they’re not having fun anymore.
But research shows that girls drop out of sports at rates six times higher than boys.
We spoke recently with Samantha Salvia, a youth coach who leads Positive Coaching Alliance workshops for coaches, athletes and parents in San Francisco and Benjamin Dudley, executive director of the Portland chapter of the Positive Coaching Alliance, to better understand this alarming trend…

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