Free Printable Training Journal Page for Girls

Free Printable Training Journal Page for Girls
Back by popular demand!! A few years ago I created a fun printable sports journal page for girls to keep track of their workouts and practices. Recently I have had quite a few requests for the file again.

Download the free printable training journal page for girls (or anyone, really).
What you need:

A 3 ring binder or folder to put your pages in
Hole punch

How to use it:

Print out as many copies of the training journal as you need (start with 7-10)
Use a 3 hole punch to punch holes in the side and place in your binder
Customize the cover of your binder with pictures of you and your favorite athletes
On the days you have practice (or competition) fill out the journal page as much as  you can or feel like

Keeping a training journal will help you stay on task, reach your goals, and help you identify patterns in your training based on external factors (like your mood, the weather, your diet, etc…

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