For Bleacher Report Featured Columnists, there is no offseason + MORE

For Bleacher Report Featured Columnists, there is no offseason + MORE
nfl flag football tournament 1411073832 1026276812 For Bleacher Report Featured Columnists, there is no offseason + MORE

Bengals sign Devon Still to help pay for daughter’s cancer + MORE

When Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still found out that his 4-year-old daughter Leah was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, he had to leave the team to be by her. The team was forced to open up his position to another player come final team cuts in September. The Bengals could have left it at that. But.... More »

Stir Up Some FUN! + MORE

How to Get Kids Into The Kitchen for Cooking and Quality Time If you’re looking for a new way to connect with your kids – or for them to eat healthier – get out some kid-sized aprons. Cooking with your kids may take a bit longer and might not have the best presentation, but you’ll spend qua.... More »

Small Steps, Big Changes: Easy Food Hacks for Healthier Kid Favorites

Creating Dishes Kids Will Honestly Ask For As parents, we’ve ALL been there. We’ve tried to lovingly craft a meal that’s different and healthy for our kids only to be met with a resounding ‘ewwwww….” from across the table. It can feel discouraging and sometimes even IMPOSSIBLE to get t.... More »

One Question That Will Help Your Child Compete Better

Are you looking for answers on how to help your child compete better? Maybe you’ve spent a lot of time and money teaching her skills, but she can’t seem to perform consistently. For young athletes, the mental toughness struggle is real. As the pressures of youth sports have increased ov.... More »
flag football tournament 1445906162 136578862 For Bleacher Report Featured Columnists, there is no offseason + MORE

Why True Champions are “Sissies” + MORE

Champions are tough. They fight hard, play hard, work till they get it right and then keep working some more. Champions don’t back down and they are aggressive against opponents. And true champions are “sissies”. At least that’s what other competitors may call them when they .... More »
One day my daughter and I were playing in a shallow baby pool with a sprinkler.  The sprinkler water came pouring down like rain.  I got down on all fours to play with her and then an interesting thing happened.  She crawled underneath me and sat down – safe from the falling water.  I noticed the look on her face – it was content, peaceful, and confident…

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 For Bleacher Report Featured Columnists, there is no offseason + MOREWhether you’re hitting up the summer road race circuit or getting your fitness level up for team tryouts, everyone can stand to brush up on good running form and technique.  Avoid losing precious energy while running by making sure you are following these three tips for running more efficiently…

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With sports consumers seeking out content that isn’t as universally available as it is during the regular and postseasons, the down periods are prime spans to build followings for Featured Columnists.
When pro and collegiate leagues are in the beef of their schedules, the competition is heavy for the same stories…

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