Filed Claim: Arland Bruce III v. CFL Entities + MORE

Filed Claim: Arland Bruce III v. CFL Entities + MORE
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Top 5 Youth Sports Injuries and How You Can Help Your Child Deal With Them, Part 2: ACL Tears + MORE

I am very excited to be partnering with the UHealth Sports Medicine Institute, part of the University of Miami health system, to bring you a 5-part series of sponsored posts on youth sports injuries. UHealth is paying me for these posts because they believe strongly in the importance of a safe y.... More »
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Stingers and Burners In Football + MORE

Dev K. Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University   Tim McAdams, M.D. Head Team Physician and Medical Director, San Francisco 49ers Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University   Key Points: Stinge.... More »
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Swim Bag Essentials + MORE

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission on purchases made through these links at no additional cost to you.  My daughter just finished another season of high school swim and had one of the best season's of her career to date. Her hair also survived t.... More »
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Sports Award Certificates + MORE

Go To Sports Award Certificates The post Sports Award Certificates appeared first on Sports Feel Good Stories. .... More »
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The Greatest Fictional Coach Bracket + MORE

The Bracket (SEE FULL BRACKET) Some of the greatest coaches to grace the gridiron or pace the hardwood have been fictional. They hold a special place in pop culture history, and sometimes we wish they could hop out of the TV and give us a pep talk. Unfortunately the closest we can get is flipping on.... More »
Camille Murphy simply loves basketball. Growing up in a house full of boys who loved sports, she was constantly living and breathing the game at a young age.
As she grew up, Camille would watch the likes of Allen Iverson and Stephon Marbury in her home state of New York, as they’d eventually become NBA superstars…

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The Filed Claim in its entirety can be found HERE. You will notice the very wide scope and various Defendants.  Certainly it will have to go through the process up in Canada however, it will definitely get some attention: Like this from The Toronto Sun. Or this from Twitter: The @concussionblog reporting that the #CFL is […]

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This Nieman Lab piece on how the New York Times approached its coverage of the World Cup is a few weeks old. I’m still catching up from vacation. But it’s worth looking at, even if everyone involved was living in a world where Brazil had never lost a competitive game by six goals.
Can you imagine a world like that?
Anyway, most of it is an interview between Nieman Lab staff writer Joseph Lichterman and Times sports editor Jason Stallman, who talks about the organization’s strategy for covering big international events…

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Helping Sports Kids Who Are Easily Distracted


youth football tournaments 1405644881 1875806561 Filed Claim: Arland Bruce III v. CFL Entities + MORELet’s face it, all young athletes get distracted from time to time.
Some sports kids get distracted a lot-and don’t even realize it. Here’s the problem: Distracted sports kids aren’t focusing on what they need to focus on.
As a result, they often experience lower confidence levels and lowered performance…

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flag football tournament 1405644887 1454693971 Filed Claim: Arland Bruce III v. CFL Entities + MORE 
I grew up on a golf course. My dad loved playing and when I was old enough, I was eager to join him. Summer after summer we would hit the course together.  We played as partners in tournaments, had friendly competitions against each other, admired our few good shots, and laughed at our bad ones (after we were done throwing our clubs)…

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