Family Sites You Won’t Want to Miss! + MORE

Family Sites You Won’t Want to Miss! + MORE

The 2015 CoachUp Roundup + MORE

What a year. 2015 brought so much to CoachUp and our extended family – YOU, our athletes, parents, and coaches. This past year has reminded us how lucky we are to have such an outstanding group of people who make CoachUp what it is today. We’d like to thank everyone for their dedicatio.... More »

When Your Child is a Sore Loser

Does you child have a hard time when he or she loses? For more on losing: Losing Etiquette: 9 Rules for Sports Parents 4 Steps for Losing Correctly Learn about my 4-step plan for being a positive sports parent.          Related Stories6 words every young athl.... More »

CoachUp Roundtable: Athletic Beards, Soccer in the USA, and Instagramming Food + MORE

CoachUp Roundtable: Athletic Beards, Soccer in the USA, and Instagramming Food As promised, CoachUp is dedicated to bringing you fresh ideas in content each and every day — so, we’re trying something totally new: the CoachUp Roundtable! We’ll grab a couple new people and gab about .... More »

HOLDING KIDS BACK A YEAR IN SCHOOL: New Proposed NJ Bill Would Penalize Kids Who Repeat a Year

Why is this done? Why do parents decide to have their athlete repeat a year in middle school? Presumably it’s all about giving their young athlete an extra year of physical maturation and growth before they enter into HS competition. This is a topic that I have touched upon in in the past. The.... More »
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Negative Coaching Tactics Don’t Work + MORE

College coaches have gotten a bad reputation due to a few loud and borderline abusive coaches. These coaches use intimidation, embarrassment and threatening techniques to try to bring out the best in their players. With the rise of social media, more players who recognize coaches that have gone too .... More »

Family Sites You Won’t Want to Miss!


 Family Sites You Won’t Want to Miss! + MOREMy new book, The Me, Me, Me Epidemic is officially in bookstores now and I am so grateful for the amazing tribe of Un-Entitling Ambassadors — leading parenting experts and brilliant bloggers – who helped me share this book and the Un-Entitling Toolbox with the world.

I encourage you to visit their sites and blogs and soak in all they have to offer…

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Concentration is the key to athletic excellence. When you get it right, it will keep you loose and confident and help you take your performance to the next level. However, when you get it wrong, it will undermine your confidence, get you nervous and physically tight, and sabotage your competitive performance…

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national youth football tournaments 1440563424 1030273590 Family Sites You Won’t Want to Miss! + MOREBy John Cone, PhD, CSCS
Founder and President, FitFor90
Key Points:

In today’s post from Dr. Cone he discusses the concept of modifying team training in order to minimize injury risk for your players
One of the most important points from the coach’s perspective is to know your players, not just tactically and technically, but to know their physical capabilities well
The article is focused on soccer but the general principles are applicable to all team sports
This article is reposted from Soccer America’s Youth Soccer Insider

It’s that time of year in soccer when youth teams are kicking into a new season…

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Why, among players experiencing similar magnitude and number of blows to the head, so some sustained concussions and others do not.  To answer the question, researchers at Purdue University[1,2] followed a group of high school football players over the course of the two seasons:
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My favorite group to speak to about reducing screen time and living a more present and joy-filled life is school-age children. When I tell my eager listeners that the purpose of my book, Hands Free Life, is to show people how to turn away from the daily distractions of screen time and turn toward our loved ones, something happens…

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