Ending Sexual Abuse of Youth Athletes: Is It A “Sports Welfare” Issue? + MORE

Ending Sexual Abuse of Youth Athletes: Is It A “Sports Welfare” Issue? + MORE

Here’s How You Can Help Your Athlete Handle Sports Anger

If your child gets angry when playing sports, you’re not alone. I’d guess that most athletes do at one time or another. Your goal, as a sports parent should not necessarily be to expect your child to never get angry, but rather help them handle the anger…      .... More »
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Feeding Young Athletes On A Budget: A Nutritional Challenge For Busy Sports Parents + MORE

"When we travel as a team, we eat at fast food places because they fit with our small budget. What's the best fast food for athletes?" "After picking up my daughter from soccer practice, the last thing I want to do is cook dinner. Where can I buy affordable but healthy sports me.... More »
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Sports Parents: Do Your Kids Want Your Approval?

Pressure And Social Approval Often, young athletes worry too much about what teammates, parents, coaches and friends think about how they’re performing on the court, field or course. When they seek others’ approval of their performance and abilities, and then don’t do well, they can feel inad.... More »

How to be a Good Sports Parent

We all know what makes a bad sports parent. They yell at their kids during games and argue with the ref or coaches. But what comes to mind when you think of a good sports parent? How they act on the sidelines is one indication, says Sue Shellenbarger, a columnist for the Wall Street Journal who writ.... More »

The Big Lead surveys sports media pros on the impact of Twitter

The Big Lead “surveyed 54 sports media twitter users anonymously about their thoughts and consumption” of the social-media platform, and the results are pretty interesting. Writer Ty Duffy spends three times as many words talking about “What is wrong with Twitter?” as he doe.... More »

The Other Head Injury

– InstituteForSportCoaching.com

Concussions are very serious business for athletes and their families to deal with, however, there is another head injury that requires our attention as well–vision damage. Each year approximately 42,000 sports-related eye injuries require emergency room medical treatment–add in those that don’t and it is a significant risk athletes undertake while playing sports…

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#C4CT Concussion Summit 2014

– theconcussionblog.com

In a little over three weeks, Brewer Sports International (BSI) along with #C4CT (Coalition for Concussion Treatment) founding partner Amarantus BioScience will be hosting their 2nd Concussion Summit in New York, at the United Nations.  There have been many press releases on this event, and I have mentioned it a time or two on Twitter (and […]

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flag football tournaments 1389166807 804208398 Ending Sexual Abuse of Youth Athletes: Is It A “Sports Welfare” Issue? + MOREWith the 2014 Sochi Games right around the corner, of course P&G has a new commercial that gives tribute to sports Moms everywhere and the incredible journey athletes take to get to the Olympics. Take a look.

Obviously there are plenty of sports Dads that have picked up, dusted off and been there for their athletes, too, but as a Mom who has done the 5 am ice hockey practice shuttle, this definitely tugs at my heart strings…

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national youth football tournaments 1389166796 1239739299 Ending Sexual Abuse of Youth Athletes: Is It A “Sports Welfare” Issue? + MOREBy Dev K. Mishra, M.D.
President, Sideline Sports Doc
With the increasing trend towards sport specialization, the young athlete is often faced with a high school sport followed by a club sport.  This can result in essentially a yearlong “season” resulting in very little down time for the young athlete…

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A small plagiarism controversy that flared up on Twitter Monday is a great illustration of why it’s so important to attribute properly. And if you’re going to err in attribution, err on the side of too much.
Darren Rovell of ESPN wrote a piece, based on his own reporting, that said that BCS Championship Game tickets were selling cheap on the secondary market…

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If you are not a part of a local All Pro Dad’s Day chapter, then find one or start one soon!  It is a great way to help grow the relationship with your kids. One local dad’s day located in the Indianapolis area had some special guests join them for breakfast.
Tony Dungy’s friends at Sunday Night Football on NBC brought their bus and some crew members to join…

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Though the wheels on Capitol Hill don’t turn as fast as Missy Franklin’s arms in the water, the months are ticking down to a full-blown congressional investigation of allegations of sexual abuse by coaches in swimming and other amateur sports which fall under the umbrella of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC)…

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“Young players play with a great deal of fairness and sportsmanship. Once they learn how important the game is to adults, they will learn how to cheat.” – Dr. Ron Quinn, Professor of Sports Ethics at Xavier University. My friend Ann Dewitt is a family therapist and parenting expert, as well as the host of […

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