End Of Spring Running Season: Watch Out For Shin Splints And Stress Fractures + MORE

End Of Spring Running Season: Watch Out For Shin Splints And Stress Fractures + MORE

“Billionaire trouble” heads PBS MediaShift’s top 10 media stories of 2014 + MORE

MediaShift, PBS’s site covering the nexus of media and technology, has named its Top 10 Media Stories of 2014 as part of its 2014 Year in Review series, which looks like it’ll be a good one to keep an eye over the next couple of weeks.   Writer Sonia Paul pegs “Billionaire Troubl.... More »
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OBNOXIOUS SPORTS PARENTS: Why HS Coaching Positions Go Unfufilled + MORE

What Can Happen When Parents’ Abuse Chases Away Coaches  By Doug Abrams The other day, a want-ad of sorts appeared on the computer screen while I was reviewing youth sports articles in the nation’s newspapers. The want-ad was longer than the few-inch ones that typically dominated newspaper clas.... More »

What should sportswriters do now that athletes don’t need them to speak directly to the public? + MORE

Ian Casselberry wrote about athletes speaking directly to the public on Awful Announcing. That’s hardly a new thing. Cristiano Renaldo has almost 33 million Twitter followers. That didn’t happen in a week. But in a post headlined Golden Tate goes first person to address rumors about Ru.... More »

Copa America Centenario 2016 Preview

Written by Ben Nadeau, Daniel McGuinness, Danny Moon, and Terrell Brown Today, Copa America Centenario kicks off all across America, starting with the USMNT facing off against Colombia, one of the world’s best. In most years, Copa America is a tournament typically held every four years between.... More »

How to Sell Used Youth Sports Equipment

This post is sponsored and paid for by SidelineSwap.com, a site where you can buy and sell used sports equipment. Their mission is to provide athletes with a more affordable way to get gear so that everyone can play the sports they love.  During 22 years of being a sports family, our closets have.... More »
How to Start a Blog is a terrific post on Journalists.org, the Online News Association site, that ‘s useful far beyond that headline. The advice, by reporter Kyle Stokes of NPR member station KPLU-Seattle, has the subhead “The Kick In The Pants I Wish I Had In College.”
According to the bio on the piece, Stokes “spent two-and-a-half years reporting on education for StateImpact Indiana, a collaboration of WFIU and Indiana Public Broadcasting…

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You Are Uniquely You

– allprodad.com

One of my favorite movies to watch with my kids is Wreck It Ralph.  The main reason is probably my never-ending nostalgia for anything having to do with my childhood.  It is filled with references my kids would never understand, but are a part of my DNA.
The main character Ralph struggles with being the bad guy in a 1980’s style video game called Fix It Felix…

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flag football tournament 1401271079 1310455014 End Of Spring Running Season: Watch Out For Shin Splints And Stress Fractures + MOREBy Dev K. Mishra, M.D.
President, Sideline Sports Doc
Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University
Key Points:

Shin splints and stress fractures are common running injuries, typically caused by overuse in training
Shin splints can often be treated by simple measures
Stress fractures need proper evaluation by a physician

Shin splint syndrome and stress fractures in the foot and leg are common in runners…

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