Don’t Let An Injury Stop You From Exercising + MORE

Don’t Let An Injury Stop You From Exercising + MORE

USA Today: Outdated misconceptions make concussions worse + MORE

USA Today: Outdated misconceptions make concussions worse Only one game into the newest NFL season and we’re already in knee-deep controversy surrounding concussions. After a series of unpunished helmet-to-helmet hits on the Carolina Panther’s Cam Newton, many worried that the reigning M.... More »
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How Parents Can Encourage Kids Without Pressure

How to Avoid Pressuring Young Athletes A sports parent asks: “When should children be encouraged to push through the hard times and when is it okay for them to just take a break?” At a certain point in your children’s athletic careers, all parents must ask themselves this questionR.... More »
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Basketball Coaching Takeaways from Villanova’s Jay Wright + MORE

Lessons for basketball coaches were on display last night during the Michigan vs. Villanova tilt. Villanova won the NCAA Championship Game in similar fashion to all of the games in the tournament – by double digits. A competitive, well-coached Michigan team had no answers for the Wildcats offe.... More »
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Getting Recruited for College Sports: When Should It Begin? + MORE

The trend for kids to get recruited for college sports as early as middle school disturbs many youth sports experts. But there is no doubt that kids have a better chance of playing in college if they plan ahead. The question is, how early is too early? According to Athnet, a college recruiting site,.... More »

How Parents and Coaches Can Help Cut Down on Concussions + MORE

On September 13, 2016, coaches and youth sports leaders around the world will participate in Team Up Day, a day designed to focus on cutting down on youth sports concussions. The straightforward, but powerful goal of Team Up Day is to make sure as many athletes as possible hear a simple speech. Th.... More »
flag football tournament 1445994238 1958258468 Don’t Let An Injury Stop You From Exercising + MOREBy Dev Mishra, M.D.
President, Sideline Sports Doc
Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University
Key Points:

Being injured doesn’t always mean you need to completely stop all exercise or sport activity.
Don’t be afraid to have a discussion with your doctor, physical therapist, or athletic trainer about modifications or alternate activity during your healing
With proper guidance you will likely be able to continue some type of physical activity and you might even be able to use the recovery as an opportunity to correct some pre-existing issues and come back to your sport even better

Injuries are often viewed as some kind of exercise or training death-sentence…

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youth football tournaments 1445994236 1601777725 Don’t Let An Injury Stop You From Exercising + MORE“A growth mindset is when students believe that their abilities can be developed,” says Carol Dweck, renowned Stanford University psychologist. Dweck coined the phrase growth mindset after decades of research on how children and teens become successful.
Dweck’s groundbreaking book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, explains that success and achievement extend beyond children’s abilities to their attitudes about learning…

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Believe it or not, parents and coaches are still majorly irresponsible when it comes to understanding the symptoms of concussions and the athlete’s consequential allowance back into the game. A recent research paper called “Post-Head Hit Return to Play Awareness in Parents and Coaches” suggests that our concussion problem in America has not gotten any better […] The post Uninformed Parents + Coaches Are Still Making Poor Decisions About Concussions appeared first on CoachUp Blog…

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