Does More Spending On Kids’ Sports Cause More Pressure? + MORE

Does More Spending On Kids’ Sports Cause More Pressure? + MORE
youth flag football tournaments 1423852123 1406032406 Does More Spending On Kids’ Sports Cause More Pressure? + MORE

Good Valentine’s Day Ideas to Help You Love Your Family Well + MORE

  I used to be one of those guys who said “Valentine’s Day is just a ‘Hallmark Holiday’ which was created to increase sales.” My thoughts were, “If I loved my wife and kids well throughout the year, then this ‘made-up holiday’ shouldn’t be a big deal.” I was wrong. So wh.... More »

COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS: When to Have the “Santa Clause” Talk with Your Athlete + MORE

Just a little background before I discuss V.J. Stanley’s appearance on the radio show this AM. Although sports parenting concerns have become a continuously rising issue for more than 25 years now. and there have been countless articles, columns, and other forms of media outreach on this topic.... More »

PARENTS V. COACHES: Coping with Parental Expectations for their Athletes

I’ve given this a great deal of thought, and of all the crucial issues confronting youth and amateur sports, I think the growing concern of coping with unrealistic parental expectations may be at the very epicenter of all the problems that coaches and parents face today. Yes, of course, issues.... More »

The Coach Becomes the Athlete–Role Reversal!

Thanks for Helen Williams for this blog. About three years ago, I decided to learn how to swim. As a child, I did not have access to a pool and was somewhat fearful of the water. I had taken lessons before but never followed through. Like most people, as I get older my body does not like exercises t.... More »

4 Important Things Your Child’s Youth Sports Coach Wants You To Know

Have you ever asked your child’s coach how you can best help him or her do their job?  Last month, I shared in a video that parents and coaches have a disconnect and that communication is a must if they are to work together to give kids a positive youth sports experience. In order to...Read .... More »
flag football tournaments 1404423087 175233489 Does More Spending On Kids’ Sports Cause More Pressure? + MOREParents, think twice before investing a lot of money into youth sports. While your intentions may be well-meaning, your efforts may backfire.
That’s the word from a new study about spending and youth sports. The author, Travis Dorsch, found that higher parental spending creates sports kids who feel more pressured–and often don’t perform well…

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Unlike the USMNT’s 2010 World Cup exit in the Round of 16 against Ghana, this year’s tournament exit has left seeds of brightness and hope amongst the ruins of tattered hopes and shattered dreams of glory.
This World Cup team for USA had a progressive, very resolute coach in Jurgen Klinsmann, and a lot of young, promising, and diverse talent…

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The 2014 All-Star game is right around the corner and is set to be played at Target Field in Minneapolis on July 15th. As in previous years, players are voted into the game by the fans of baseball. Today, July 3rd, marks the last day that you can cast your vote for the players who you think deserve the chance to go to Minneapolis…

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Mission Summer: Water Wars I


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I couldn’t have been more than three. My older sister doesn’t deny doing it; in fact she is still proud. Our mom and dad saw what was happening, but didn’t stop it. Instead, they filmed it so that we could laugh about it for the rest of our lives.
It was a hot summer day and I was curious about the hose that was filling the baby pool…

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Dr. Alan Goldberg spoke with Swimming World’s Tiffany Elias about his talks at the 2014 Central states coaching clinic in Chicago.

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youth sports 1404423117 30222998 Does More Spending On Kids’ Sports Cause More Pressure? + MOREWrigley Field is baseball’s Mecca. Wrigley Field is ivy-covered brick walls, Harry Caray singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” and Ferris Bueller played hooky to attend an afternoon Cubbies game. Celebrating its 100th year birthday in 2014, the old ballpark outshines its host team.
Wrigley Field celebrates its 100th birthday
The Cubs’ sad post-season record hasn’t stopped the fans from coming to this cherished national treasure…

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