Do Your Athletes Have Pregame Jitters or Performance Anxiety? + MORE

Do Your Athletes Have Pregame Jitters or Performance Anxiety? + MORE

CTE: Media Continues To Be Ahead Of Science + MORE

The prevailing media narrative is that concussions or repetitive subconcussive blows "cause" chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), that CTE "causes" former athletes to commit suicide, and such causal links are proven scientific fact. read more.... More »

Pound the Rock! + MORE

One of the most successful sporting franchises across the globe the last few decades is the San Antonio Spurs of the NBA. With five NBA titles since 1999, 22 overall division titles, having won at least 50 games for 18 consecutive seasons, and having missed the playoffs only 4 times in their history.... More »

8 Reasons that Sports Parents Need a Coach

Everyone can use a good coach. Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen. Pete Carrol, head coach Seattle Seahawks. I love that this .... More »

Green Bay Packers: Schedule, Meme, Tickets

The Green Bay Packers. Even folks that don’t know a field goal is worth 3 points know what the Packers are all about. When the nickname of your host city is “Titletown,” it’s not difficult to understand that there’s a rich history of championships. The smallest town to host an NFL .... More »

Listening: 4 Traits of a Parent Who Listens Well

Do you do more talking than listening as you parent? It’s a habit that many parents have. I did it a lot because I felt that my words would fix my kids and that they certainly needed to hear what I had to say! But I’ve come to learn, through my 30 years of parenting,...Read More &#.... More »
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Helping Sports Kids Overcome Pregame Anxiety
Just before a game, your kids may say they’re feeling jittery and will look distracted, over-excited and tense. They may have sweaty palms and a pounding heart.
In many cases, such feelings are pregame jitters or “butterflies” that actually help kids perform better…

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Selecting the Best Softball Bat Guide


Selecting the best softball bat should be given careful consideration by both players and parents. When a player steps into the batter’s box, there are only two things which are in their control and will help them – first, is the player’s skill level, and second is their softball bat. A player will have more […] The post Selecting the Best Softball Bat Guide appeared first on Sports Feel Good Stories.

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