CTE: Media Continues To Be Ahead Of Science + MORE

CTE: Media Continues To Be Ahead Of Science + MORE
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How Sports Kids Benefit From a Strong Mental Game

Benefits of Mental Game Training For Young Athletes Sports parents and children alike may be hesitant to adopt mental game coaching for a variety of reasons… It’s common for a sports parent to think: “If I encourage my sports children to work on their mental game, it might HURT their .... More »

GETTING CUT FROM A TEAM: What Parents — and Coaches – Need to Know

FOR THE PARENT…. I want to discuss difficult moments in an athlete’s life when – as the Mom or Dad – you find yourself on the spot to have to say the right thing – to find the precise words – to talk with your son or daughter when things aren’t going their way. We’re talking .... More »
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Winning the Race to the Right Finish Line in Youth Sports + MORE

Kevin McLaughlin, USA Hockey’s Director of Youth Hockey Development, was not looking forward to opening his email in January 2009. He knew it was going to be full of angry posts. He knew he and his colleagues at USA Hockey would be accused of destroying the game and taking the toughness out of the.... More »

Case Keenum and Adam Thielen Lead Vikings Offense

With an extra bye week of rest, the Case Keenum led Vikings meet a dangerous New Orleans Saints team this Sunday, January 14. Expectations are high, and with the top defense in the league, a resurging offense and home field advantage, Viking fans have a lot to be confident in. With Minnesota playing.... More »
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Basketball Coaching Takeaways from Villanova’s Jay Wright + MORE

Lessons for basketball coaches were on display last night during the Michigan vs. Villanova tilt. Villanova won the NCAA Championship Game in similar fashion to all of the games in the tournament – by double digits. A competitive, well-coached Michigan team had no answers for the Wildcats offe.... More »
The prevailing media narrative is
that concussions or repetitive subconcussive blows "cause" chronic traumatic
encephalopathy (CTE), that CTE "causes" former athletes to commit suicide, and
such causal links are proven scientific fact.
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Are men who played high school
football in Minnesota in the twenty-five years after World War II at increased
risk of later developing dementia, Parkinson’s or ALS compared with
non-football playing high school males? Not according to two studies by
researchers at the Mayo Clinic.

The first, published in 2012,
compared the incidence of dementia, PD and ALS in 438 high school football
players from Rochester, Minnesota who played the sport from 1946 to
1956 and 140 non-football playing male classmates…

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If your child plays a contact or collision sport, whether at the youth, middle school or high school level, chances are they will suffer a concussion at some point in their athletic career. How quickly they recover may depend on how soon after injury – if at all – their concussion is identified so they can be removed from practice or game action…

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Since its recent publication, a study by researchers at Boston University (1) finding that athletes who were less
than 12 years old at the time of their first exposure to tackle football had
more behavioral and cognitive problems later in life than those whose age of
first exposure (AFE) to the sport was later has, predictably, garnered a great
deal of attention from the mainstream media…

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