Coping With The Mental Side of Sports Injuries in Kids

Coping With The Mental Side of Sports Injuries in Kids
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Focus on Fun For Your Athletes, Not Scholarships

Helping Kids Experience The Benefits of Youth Sports “If your overriding goal for youth sports is a Division I scholarship, you need to rethink your priorities,” said Larry Stone, a sports parent for 27 years in a recent column that appeared in the Seattle Times. “First of all, it.... More »
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College Golf Scholarships for Girls Going Unclaimed

A few weeks ago my daughter (a rising high school junior) and I headed to our local driving range to hit off a few buckets of golf balls on a Sunday morning. While taking our turns, the owner of the range stopped out to say hello and he was somewhat surprised to see the Mother-Daughter team we made.... More »

How to Avoid One of the Biggest Parenting Mistakes + MORE

Every parent makes a parenting mistake now and then. You yell at your kids, forget to do something really important, not listen when you should–the list is endless. But one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a parent actually has nothing to do with your kids. It has to do with YOU. Every..... More »

Sports Psychology Secrets: Taking a Moment to Reflect on Serena Williams’ Meltdown at the US Open

Like millions of sports viewers worldwide, I happened to tune into the finals of the women’s tennis championship at the US Open yesterday – and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. If you haven’t seen the video by now (although I assume if you follow sports, you probably hav.... More »

ABUSIVE PARENTS AND COACHES: What Happens When We Run Out of Refs?

The Chronic Nationwide Referee Shortage and Its Safety Risks By Doug Abrams  “Everybody thinks [referees] should be perfect, so mom and dad start yelling at the officials. These officials don’t want to be berated all the time, so . . . they get out.” — Mark Jones, Alabama High School A.... More »
youth sports 1529595996 447407832 Coping With The Mental Side of Sports Injuries in KidsHelping Sports Kids Build Confidence When Injured
When kids experience sports injuries severe enough to keep them from playing or participating, they tend to have fairly dramatic reactions, said Dr. Jorge Gomez, Pediatric Sports Medicine Physician at Texas Children’s Hospital in a podcast interview…

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