College Softball’s Inspiring Display of Sportsmanship + MORE

College Softball’s Inspiring Display of Sportsmanship + MORE

The Right Way to Look at Winning and Losing in Youth Sports

Enough of this nonsense about not loving to win and not hating to lose. This is competition! It’s what sports is all about!   Learn more about how you can keep your child playing and having fun in youth sports!         Related StoriesHere’s a P.... More »
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Our Top 10 Moments from NBA All-Star Weekend + MORE

The 2016 NBA All-Star Weekend crushed it as usual. From dunks to skills and everything in between, the three-day event in Toronto didn’t disappoint the viewers. Of course, we at CoachUp were a little biased thanks to our friend Stephen Curry competing on both Saturday and Sunday, but we’.... More »
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Daydreaming: Mindless or Meaningful? + MORE

As a child, daydreaming was one of my favorite activities. Or should I say, non-activities? I spent hours alone in my room with random thoughts wandering through my mind. I loved to think about patterns, people, and the mysteries of how things were connected. My parents believed I was doing homework.... More »

10 Ways to Be a Man of Integrity + MORE

  In the 1925, U.S. Open famed golfer Bobby Jones pulled a one iron out of his bag and addressed the ball. As he set up to hit out of the rough grass, his ball moved ever so slightly, a motion that calls for a stroke penalty. He was the only one who saw it; and yet, he called the penalty on him.... More »
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#tbt: Eye Opener from 2012: Was it overlooked? + MORE

Originally titled “Bombshell Found in Sports Illustrated Vault” this post appeared on July 4, 2012…  To this day, it may be one of the most poignant articles I have written about the road we have been down.  I believe that this post still rings true, two years later, in regards t.... More »
junior football tournaments 1399083919 1542359104 College Softball’s Inspiring Display of Sportsmanship + MOREEckerd College sophomore Kara Oberer knew she needed to do something at the plate in the 7th inning.  Her team was down 1-2 against Florida Southern College.  With two runners on base, she swung and connected.  The result:  a home run!
Only there was a significant problem.  Oberer’s knee locked on the swing and she was in intense pain…

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My wife is the planner in the family.  I am spontaneous.  Before I met her, I took a trip to Las Vegas and had an extra day alone.  I took the opportunity to cross something off of my bucket list: Drive through the desert in a convertible.  Without any planning or even directions I drove to Los Angeles…

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The Ride Home


One of the saddest things I had to do as a Director of Coaching for numerous soccer clubs was conduct exit interviews, meetings with players whom had decided to leave the club. Children quit sports for a litany of reasons, and my job was always to see what we could learn, so we could improve [...]

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youth football tournaments 1399083974 516865038 College Softball’s Inspiring Display of Sportsmanship + MOREFrom January to June 2013, I wrote for Bleacher Report while doing a full-time data analytics internship with the company.
Many of my analytics projects involved tracking the numbers of the company’s social media initiatives or helping editors decide what stories and angles to assign. I found myself in the interesting position of finding the more compelling stories and later writing them myself…

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