College Softball’s Inspiring Display of Sportsmanship + MORE

College Softball’s Inspiring Display of Sportsmanship + MORE

When a Tough Sports Season Hits Your Child, What Can You Do?

Is your child in a tough season? You can’t make it go away, but you can help him get through it. Take a few minutes to watch…        Related StoriesMotivation: 5 Ways That Don’t Work with Young AthletesHelp Your Athlete Develop the Skill of Assert.... More »

EPL Previews: Can the Magic of Klopp push Liverpool to new heights? + MORE

EPL Previews: Can the Magic of Klopp push Liverpool to new heights? After Leicester City’s 5000-1 odds to win the Premiership, capping off what is, in all likelihood, the most fantastic championship in major sports history, the perennial powerhouses have gone hard towards defeating the slew of und.... More »
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Review Your Emergency Action Plan

By Dev K. Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points: An Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is a key document that outlines the specific steps taken by a Club, Tournament Director, High School, or individual team in case o.... More »
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Negative Coaching Tactics Don’t Work + MORE

College coaches have gotten a bad reputation due to a few loud and borderline abusive coaches. These coaches use intimidation, embarrassment and threatening techniques to try to bring out the best in their players. With the rise of social media, more players who recognize coaches that have gone too .... More »

How to Manage the 5 Biggest Headaches of Youth Sports + MORE

For most parents, the biggest headaches in youth sports have nothing to do with playing time or a coach that plays your child in a position that you don’t like. The biggest headaches are the things that take up your time and energy and can potentially derail a smooth season. You know them well if..... More »
junior football tournaments 1399083919 1542359104 College Softball’s Inspiring Display of Sportsmanship + MOREEckerd College sophomore Kara Oberer knew she needed to do something at the plate in the 7th inning.  Her team was down 1-2 against Florida Southern College.  With two runners on base, she swung and connected.  The result:  a home run!
Only there was a significant problem.  Oberer’s knee locked on the swing and she was in intense pain…

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My wife is the planner in the family.  I am spontaneous.  Before I met her, I took a trip to Las Vegas and had an extra day alone.  I took the opportunity to cross something off of my bucket list: Drive through the desert in a convertible.  Without any planning or even directions I drove to Los Angeles…

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The Ride Home


One of the saddest things I had to do as a Director of Coaching for numerous soccer clubs was conduct exit interviews, meetings with players whom had decided to leave the club. Children quit sports for a litany of reasons, and my job was always to see what we could learn, so we could improve [...]

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youth football tournaments 1399083974 516865038 College Softball’s Inspiring Display of Sportsmanship + MOREFrom January to June 2013, I wrote for Bleacher Report while doing a full-time data analytics internship with the company.
Many of my analytics projects involved tracking the numbers of the company’s social media initiatives or helping editors decide what stories and angles to assign. I found myself in the interesting position of finding the more compelling stories and later writing them myself…

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