COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS: When to Have the “Santa Clause” Talk with Your Athlete + MORE

COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS: When to Have the “Santa Clause” Talk with Your Athlete + MORE

Brotherly Love: An Inspirational Story + MORE

This is a story of brotherly love and inclusion. More than three-fourth million Americans suffer from Cerebral Palsy. Still not much is known about this condition. It is in order to spread more awareness about this unique condition that Hunter Gandee, 16, from Michigan goes on a walk every year carr.... More »

Why Your Child’s Failure is the Key to Success

One of the hardest parts of being a sports mom was watching my kids experience failure at something they’d worked so hard to achieve. It’s often painful for parents to watch their child’s growing-up process because that almost always includes watching their child’s failure. W.... More »

Top 5 Scams of Mobile Phone Application

If you’re a small business owner, you hire people, you’ve payments to make, send the cash to IRS and you have to deduct taxes from luxdownloads the paychecks. la mostra aldo manuzio in Every month how long you may spend on your payroll? Every month or how much you pay your accountant,? A.... More »

PITCH COUNTS: Brand New Pitch Limits Start This Spring All Over the Country: Be Forewarned!

PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL PITCH COUNTS TO GO INTO EFFECT THIS SEASON By Steve Kallas In July 2016, the National Federation of State High School Associations (“NFHS”) announced that, beginning with the 2017 spring baseball season, each state member would have to institute a pitch count rule for high sch.... More »
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10 Ways to Divorce Proof Your Marriage + MORE

  In a report from the National Survey of Families and Households, 5,232 married adults were interviewed and 1,315 said they were “unhappily married.” Five years later, the same adults who said they were unhappily married, some of whom had divorced and some of whom had stayed married, were.... More »
There’s been a lot of conversation in the media recently – and controversy and back-and-forth – concerning spanking. But spanking is NOT what we’re talking about today. What this post is concerned with is violence in our homes and, specifically, 7 steps to end family violence…

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Just a little background before I discuss V.J. Stanley’s appearance on the radio show this AM.
Although sports parenting concerns have become a continuously rising issue for more than 25 years now. and there have been countless articles, columns, and other forms of media outreach on this topic, the truth is that there are only a few individuals around the country who have decided that they wanted to step up and do something about this issue and try to educate all parents, coaches, and kids about the realities of kids in sports…

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