COLLEGE RECRUITING: The Recruiting Myth of College O1Campus Camps + MORE

COLLEGE RECRUITING: The Recruiting Myth of College O1Campus Camps + MORE

3 Ways to Deal With Young Athletes Who Complain and Whine

Do you often have to listen to young athletes who complain? As a parent, one of the most annoying moods to put up with is that of a whining child. It used to drive me crazy, but it’s the source of the whining that should be the most bothersome for parents. When your child whines,...Read M.... More »
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Young Japanese Woman Breaks Into Australian Rugby + MORE

Rugby is one of the most important and most followed sports in Australia. But for a young Japanese woman to make an inspirational career in rugby is something unheard of. This is the story of Ayane Hirata, who has gone on to inspire so many Japanese women that there are so many who are following on .... More »

How to Recognize the Uncontrollables and Stay Focused on What Matters Most + MORE

When you go into a game focusing on one or more UC’s or “uncontrollables” three things will always happen to you. First, you will begin to get nervous and physically tense. Second, you will lose your self-confidence. Third, and as a direct result of these first two, your performance will qui.... More »
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Why True Champions are “Sissies” + MORE

Champions are tough. They fight hard, play hard, work till they get it right and then keep working some more. Champions don’t back down and they are aggressive against opponents. And true champions are “sissies”. At least that’s what other competitors may call them when they .... More »

Vision Assessment Should Be Part Of Return-To-Learn Protocol, UAB Researchers Say + MORE

A comprehensive vision assessment should be part of return-to-learn protocols to help determine when children are ready to return to the classroom following concussions - particularly in children reporting academic difficulty, says a new study. (1) read more.... More »
To listen to the sports parenting podcast, click on the above arrow. If you’ve never coached, then you don’t know what a coach thinks, feels, and sees as he or she coaches kids in youth sports. In this podcast episode, I am featuring Joe Daniel of Joe Daniel Football. Joe Daniel is a the varsity defensive…

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This is the time of the year in which a number of college baseball coaches put on 2-3 day camps, where prospective college baseball players pay a good-sized fee in which to go the college campus, and basically have a chance – along with dozens of other hopeful HS players – go through their paces to impress a college coach and his staff…

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Do Youth Leaguers’ Candy Sales Violate the Child Labor Laws?
Fundraising and Youth Leaguers’ Safety
 By Doug Abrams
 Two weeks ago, Rick Wolff and lawyer Steve Kallas teamed up for a thought provoking show about the legality of a parent-led fundraising project favored by many high school and youth league sports programs…

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