COACHING TIPS: Why Aren’t There More Women Coaches at the Youth Level? + MORE

COACHING TIPS: Why Aren’t There More Women Coaches at the Youth Level? + MORE

Nutritionists and Dietitians Team Up For Fuel Your Dreams™ Public Service Campaign + MORE

  A team of nutritionists and dietitians has launched the Fuel Your DreamsTM  public service campaign to help parents motivate their kids to tie the benefits of healthy food choices to being the best they can be. read more.... More »

What’s a Parent to do When Your Child Says, “Mom, Dad, I Can’t Do This!” + MORE

Youth sports can be such a roller coaster ride. And on those days when your child’s self-motivation is at the lowest point and he or she bemoans, “I just can’t do this,” here’s the other voice that needs to be playing in his head: the voice of  belief. Take 5 minutes a.... More »

March Madness: Your bracket’s busted, but B/R’s coverage isn’t + MORE

Whenever there’s a big event—and I think the first weekend of March Madness counts—I like to review the best of Bleacher Report’s content. It’s a great chance to appreciate how far we’ve come. I’ve been saying this for about a year now: I’d put the best Bleach.... More »
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Can Sports Improve Young Athletes’ Self-Esteem? + MORE

Do Sports Help Self-Esteem? A sports parent writes: “My 12-year-old has always had low-self confidence and low self-esteem. My hope was that a competitive sport (baseball for us) could help him develop these but so far results (four years into the mission) are negative to neutral at best. How do .... More »

Familiar but solid advice from an SPJ sportswriting panel + MORE

It took a while for freelance reporter Rebecca Aguilar to create a Storify about a March 29 panel at a regional Society of Professional Journalists conference in Houston. But it was worth the wait. The panel, “How to Hit a Home Run: Mastering the Sports Beat,” featured Houston Chronicle .... More »
The ESPN “30 for 30″ short “Judging Jewell” is an absolute must-watch for anyone even remotely involved with media. If you do nothing else this week to further your career in sports media, sit down and spend 21 minutes with this devastating documentary.
You want to see the real-life consequences of simply failing to properly attribute facts and assertions? Watch the sad, infuriating story of Richard Jewell…

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In our house, I am the planner and my wife is spontaneous. Can you relate? Let me give you a scenario. You plan to make a quick grocery store run for three specific things before the game starts. While at the store your phone buzzes. It is your wife…
She calls after you’ve already waited 15 minutes in the check-out line, made your purchases, and just walked out of the store…

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Women as Youth League Coaches
By Doug Abrams
In late October, the president of an upstate New York Little League baseball program wrote “10 Truly Frightening Aspects of Youth Sports,” a thoughtful op-ed article that appeared in a few regional newspapers. Aspect number eight was “the lack of female coaches” in youth leagues and high school programs…

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