COACHING TIPS: Why Aren’t There More Women Coaches at the Youth Level? + MORE

COACHING TIPS: Why Aren’t There More Women Coaches at the Youth Level? + MORE

HEROIC ATHLETES: Ivy League Baseball Continues to Attract Top Talent, Both On and Off the Field

Anybody who has heard my radio show over the last 15 years knows that I’m a big supporter of Ivy League baseball. To me, there’s just something very unique and special about talented baseball players who are also brilliant and accomplished students. Even more, because the baseball season.... More »

The Fencing Response + MORE

Originally posted January 7, 2011 this was one of the first places to examine and educate people about the Fencing Response, since that time this post has been viewed nearly 50,000 times. This is a great resource. ========== The fencing response is an unnatural position of the arms following a concu.... More »
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When Will What We Know Change What We Do in Youth Sports? + MORE

“My daughter and I had to miss her grandfather’s funeral when she was 12 for a cheerleading competition.” I had to read that twice to be sure what I was reading. This was an actual comment we received recently on Facebook. We receive a lot of heartbreaking stories from readers, but this one se.... More »
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Giving The Green Light To Resistance Training In Young Athletes + MORE

By Dev K. Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Stanford University I am frequently asked questions about resistance training (otherwise called “weight training”) for young athletes.  Is it “right” or “wrong”?  When is the righ.... More »

How Your Child Can Be a Leader

Leadership is not based on a title. How can your child lead when he/she is not given the “title” of leadership? More about positive sports parenting: How to Fight the Virus That’s Infecting Youth Sports How to Fight Back          Related Sto.... More »
The ESPN “30 for 30″ short “Judging Jewell” is an absolute must-watch for anyone even remotely involved with media. If you do nothing else this week to further your career in sports media, sit down and spend 21 minutes with this devastating documentary.
You want to see the real-life consequences of simply failing to properly attribute facts and assertions? Watch the sad, infuriating story of Richard Jewell…

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In our house, I am the planner and my wife is spontaneous. Can you relate? Let me give you a scenario. You plan to make a quick grocery store run for three specific things before the game starts. While at the store your phone buzzes. It is your wife…
She calls after you’ve already waited 15 minutes in the check-out line, made your purchases, and just walked out of the store…

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Women as Youth League Coaches
By Doug Abrams
In late October, the president of an upstate New York Little League baseball program wrote “10 Truly Frightening Aspects of Youth Sports,” a thoughtful op-ed article that appeared in a few regional newspapers. Aspect number eight was “the lack of female coaches” in youth leagues and high school programs…

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