COACHING TIPS: How Do You Prevent Arm Injuries?

COACHING TIPS: How Do You Prevent Arm Injuries?
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Gary Smith, an all-time great writer, retiring from Sports Illustrated + MORE

Gary Smith, the legendary Sports Illustrated features writer, is retiring from the magazine. SI colleague Grant Wahl tweeted the news Monday. Gary Smith is retiring from Sports Illustrated (via @thomaslake). The best of what SI does. — Grant Wahl (@GrantWahl) April 28, 2014 Smith is a four-t.... More »


Today is the day I’m going to talk about sports psychology. Many of you know me as primarily focusing on sports parenting issues, having written youth sports columns for a decade for Sports Illustrated, and of course, doing my Sports Edge show on WFAN Radio for the last 20 years. But before I went.... More »

COMMUNICATING WITH THE PARENTS: Part II of Doug Abrams’ Experiences as a Youth Hockey Coach + MORE

 Using Email to Communicate With the Team’s Parents (Part 2) By Doug Abrams Part 1 of this three-part column urged community youth league coaches to consider using email to share observations and explanations with parents before, during, and after the season. The Part provided emails that I, as h.... More »

ANOTHER FATALITY: Basketball Ref Attacks, Kills Youth Coach + MORE

I’m always stunned when I read of yet another terrible physical confrontation between a youth coach and a referee. How in the world could emotions run so high that two grown-ups would end up with one of them dead? Can you imagine? Just a few hours earlier, Joshua Adams, the 37-year-old ref -.... More »

JJ Watt Quotes for Inspiration

These JJ Watt quotes will give you a taste of how the NFL star and humanitarian thinks. When Houston Texans’ defensive end Justin James Watt was able to raise over $33 million in relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey, it fulfilled what his mother taught him as a child. Popularly known as JJ Watt, Ju.... More »
If your son is 13 or younger, and happens to be able to throw something that resembles a curve ball for strikes, chances are he’s one of the most popular kids in town.
That’s because every LL coach and travel team coach is looking to fill their roster with a pitcher who can throw strikes AND who can throw a curve ball…

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