COACHING TIPS: How Do You Prevent Arm Injuries?

COACHING TIPS: How Do You Prevent Arm Injuries?

First things first in a job search: Always do good work + MORE

This is unfortunately one of those weeks when a lot of sportswriters and editors have lost their jobs. So a two-part series by Steve Buttry on his Buttry Diary blog is particularly timely—although it’s never a bad time for good advice on searching for a job. Job-hunting tips: Spread the wor.... More »

How You Can Crush These Top 5 Challenges of Sports Parenting

The challenges of sports parenting do not stop when the game is over. They follow you wherever you go and intrude into any hour of the day. It’s enough to drive you crazy. But you don’t have to be a crazy sports parent! I’ll be the first to admit that there are challenges to parenting an..... More »


A lot of coaches regularly employ punishment as a "teaching" tool with their athletes and teams. If the team/athlete fails to execute well, makes a lot of mistakes or loses, the coach punishes them with more physically brutal practices, extra trainings and usually extra, long hard conditioning.  I.... More »
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Concerned About Your Child's New Summer Coach/Camp Counselor? Trust Your Instincts and Do Your Research + MORE

  By Rachel Flanagan With summer break comes a burst of new activities for families, including summer camp for kids, plus a plethora of sports and academic opportunities. That means you and your children meeting and interacting with new counselors, coaches, tutors and others. There are m.... More »
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How internet publishing is like building a house on an earthquake fault + MORE

The thought for the day comes from John Herman, writing in The Awl. The New Internet Gods Have No Mercy is a short essay, worth reading, inspired by the decline of MetaFilter, “one of the great online communities of the 2000s,” which has recently announced layoffs. According to a blog.... More »
If your son is 13 or younger, and happens to be able to throw something that resembles a curve ball for strikes, chances are he’s one of the most popular kids in town.
That’s because every LL coach and travel team coach is looking to fill their roster with a pitcher who can throw strikes AND who can throw a curve ball…

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