Coaching Resource of the Month — February 2014 + MORE

Coaching Resource of the Month — February 2014 + MORE
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Youth Sports Burnout Due To Overbearing Parents + MORE

On October 10th, Huffington Post posted an article that helped summarize the findings of Dr. Chris Stankovich, a sports psychologist, who is focused on youth sports and their effects on the development of children. There is an exceptionally interesting keyword at the crux of the research: burnout. T.... More »

Seven Tips For Healthy Weight Gain + MORE

  "No matter what I eat, I can't seem to gain weight..." "What about those weight gain powders ... do they work?" "How much more protein should I eat to help me bulk up?"  Although two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese, a handful of skinny peopl.... More »

DANGERS OF CONCUSSIONS: New Study Targets Long-Range Effects on 6-12 Year-Olds

This past week, new research out of Boston University revealed that kids under the age of 12 who play tackle football have a tendency in later life to develop  behavioral, cognitive and depression issues. Now, we have heard endlessly in recent years about the dangers of concussions from playing tac.... More »
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How To Be Relentlessly Positive In Youth Sports + MORE

We recently spoke with KC Wilder, a former collegiate All-American in cycling, a mental training coach and Positive Coaching Alliance trainer. Young athletes are likely to be happier in a positive environment, says Wilder, who is also a sports mom. “We are raising confidence and lowering anxi.... More »
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Sneaking Education into Family Fun Vacations + MORE

  Whatever your financial situation, if you have a family then summer vacation is front and center on your mind. Every family has different plans and ideas. Some go for the most bang for their buck. Some want entertainment value for the kids. Some want educational value. Some just want to relax.... More »

Welcome to new Institute Sponsor–JUGS Sports


The Institute welcomes JUGS Sports as sponsor of our Coaching Resource of the Month webpage.
JUGS Sports is the leading producer of baseball and softball training aids including baseball and softball pitching machines, hitting tees, protective screens, practice balls, batting cages and other practice equipment …

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Just keep at it


Eleven years ago my balance and mobility were better than good. My health was better than good. Ten years and seven months ago, I was a long way away from feeling anything remotely close to good about my balance and my mobility, or about my health at all. That was a drastic turn, and it […]

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nfl flag football tournament 1391923263 358629984 Coaching Resource of the Month — February 2014 + MOREAs strange as it may sound, when it comes to performance and health, many coaches can manage their cars better than they can manage their players.  Every time their car goes into the shop, a full history of diagnostic tests, odometer readings, scheduled maintenance recommendations and past problems are available from a few keystrokes of the service computer system…

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Coaching Resource of the Month — February 2014


Sportlyzer has researched the many available sport coaching software packages available. They developed a list with brief descriptions of the online and offline tools to plan & analyze training, manage athletes’ data and improve communication between coaches and athletes and others.
If you are seeking new ways to improve your coaching, check out this technology…

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