Coach Spotlight Series: Lauren Richards + MORE

Coach Spotlight Series: Lauren Richards + MORE
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4 Tips for Pokemon Go Safety + MORE

A Guest Post from Amy Tiemann, PhD The new mobile game Pokémon Go has won the hearts and minds of millions of Americans with over 7 million downloads in its first week of release. This has happened so quickly that many parents are just catching up with this new craze. What makes this game diff.... More »

HEROIC FANS: Giving Back to the Kids in a Most Unusual Way

 Donating to Youth Before the End of the Year By Doug Abrams Headlines and commentary report adult excesses in youth sports with unfortunate regularity, but sometimes a positive story stays with readers for its inspiration. The staying power may last for years. In 2011, the Simcoe (Ontario, Canada.... More »

5 Sports Parenting Principles to Raise Your Athlete On

These 5 sports parenting principles can change your child’s youth sports journey–and yours. Do you ever feel like you are parenting in the dark, groping through the darkness of the unknown and barely seeing one step ahead? You question your decisions, doubt your parenting strategy and wo.... More »
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How to Develop the Confidence of a Champion + MORE

If you want to reach your potential as an athlete and go as far as you can in your sport, then you’ll need self-confidence to help you get there.  Physical talent, strength, great reflexes, coordination and endurance are not enough. You have to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND YOUR ABILITIES. You have t.... More »
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Kids need to walk away from games with renewed confidence—or at least with their confidence intact.
In the third of our series of podcasts about post-game tips, that’s the idea we want parents and coaches to embrace. Kids are hard on themselves.
They tend to beat themselves up and focus on their mistakes after a game…

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The ever-so popular Coach Spotlight Series is back for another round! We’re headed back outdoors and to the pitch this week as we interviewed Lauren Richards, a superstar soccer coach from Frisco, Texas. Coach Lauren is one of our top soccer coaches in the country, so we wanted her to impart some wisdom for other […] The post Coach Spotlight Series: Lauren Richards appeared first on CoachUp Blog…

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