Tips for Teaching Kids to Respect Their Sports Opponents

No need for badmouthing in competition. Teach your kids to respect their opponents… Tired of Youth Sports Fundraising? Click HERE to Learn how it can be Quick, Easy, and Free!        Related StoriesEasy Fundraising for Parents, Coaches, Teams, and LeaguesSpo.... More »
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Teaching Young Athletes How To Refocus When Distracted + MORE

With spring almost here and sports kids spending more time outside, young athletes may be distracted by a number of things. When they’re outside, bad weather, mud, barking dogs, birds and other distractions may pull their focus away when playing sports. When kids are distracted, they can’t f.... More »
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Russell Wilson Had an All Pro Dad + MORE

  Russell Wilson just won the biggest game of his life in Super Bowl XLVIII. In this interview, watch as Russell tells how has dad inspired him to be the player he is today.  It’s a great example of the ripple effects a father can have on his son.     [youtube More »

Why Your Kids Should Play Only One Sport…Each Season + MORE

My family is wrapping up one of the busiest seasons we’ve had. The summer time should be a time to unwind and relax, but for us, I have to admit, it has been a grind. And most of it has been self-induced. It’s probably the challenge that plagues most sports loving families. Multiple kids.... More »

Sports Parenting Podcast: How to Deal with Player and Coach Bullying + MORE

To listen to this episode, click on the above arrow. Has your child ever come home complaining of being bullied? Or maybe you suspect it and notice changes in behavior that point to it? In this episode, I talk with Diane Munoz, a licensed mental health counselor who has been in the mental health fie.... More »
It was a front-page story that ran in last Friday’s Wall Street Journal. According to some national studies, the Journal concluded that in all the four most popular sports in the country – football, soccer, baseball, and basketball –  the enrollment of kids ages 6-17 was done 4% from 2008 to 2012,
Knowing that millions of kids play sports in this country, that’s a fairly hefty number of youngsters not playing sports…

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youth flag football tournaments 1391394322 1276199049 COACH SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW: COACH STEVE E. + MOREWe recently caught up with Coach Steve E. for a Spotlight article. Coach Steve coaches basketball with CoachUp. He has played basketball his entire life and is an experienced basketball coach at both the middle school and high school level.
Tell us about yourself.
I have played basketball my entire life…

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