Career lessons from Steve Buttry, five years after leaving the Cedar Rapids Gazette + MORE

Career lessons from Steve Buttry, five years after leaving the Cedar Rapids Gazette + MORE

SPORT SAFETY: Getting an Insight on Kids’ Vision

Dr. Don Teig is a Florida-based eye doctor who has dedicated his career to not only providing top-flight eye care to professional athletes in a variety of sports, but has also tried to be on the leading edge of technological advancements with sports and eyesight. In his new book, HIGH PERFORMANCE VI.... More »

Welcome from Dr. G! + MORE

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Tackling Childhood Cancer + MORE

Tackling is a tough job for NFL linebackers. Tackling childhood cancer is even tougher. But the Washington Redskins linebacker crew was up to the task after being challenged by Washington Redskins inside linebackers coach, Kirk Olivadotti. Fundraiser for Curing Kids Cancer Kirk told his players that.... More »

Copa America Centenario 2016 Preview

Written by Ben Nadeau, Daniel McGuinness, Danny Moon, and Terrell Brown Today, Copa America Centenario kicks off all across America, starting with the USMNT facing off against Colombia, one of the world’s best. In most years, Copa America is a tournament typically held every four years between.... More »

Weekend Fun: The World Cup Drill

Now, this isn’t technically a drill as it’s often a reward for finishing a tough practice or winning an equally difficult fixture on the schedule. However, we love the World Cup Drill so we’re going to highlight it all the same for this edition of Weekend Fun! The games and drills .... More »
Something happens to kids in sports when team members feel a sense of ownership. I attended leadership seminar recently where they talked about creating an environment in which a business team feels ownership.  Studies show that when employees feel that ownership in their jobs, they are more accountable for their performance, and thus help lead the…

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Here’s a long blog post by Steve Buttry, often referenced in this space, about the lessons he learned from his time as the editor of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, which ended five years ago.
There are lessons about disaster response—there was a major flood in the city just as Buttry took the job—newsroom leadership and managing innovation and upheaval, but it’s the first section that I found most interesting, and I think you will too…

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There is a major difference between self-improvement and self-defeat. Self-defeat is when we give up when our lives face adversity. Self-improvement is when we seize the opportunity to grow and mature through adversity, making us better men.
In my life, from early adulthood to the present, there has been a steady progression of continual education and self-improvement…

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