Can Sports Improve Young Athletes’ Self-Esteem? + MORE

Can Sports Improve Young Athletes’ Self-Esteem? + MORE

A Legacy Unrivaled – The Story of John Gagliardi + MORE

Imagine a college football coach that didn’t have his players tackling during practices, who didn’t blow whistles, and didn’t believe in wind sprints. The seniors on his team all shared the role of captain – which probably made for some nice resumes come job search time. An U.... More »

WOC #21 Nate Sanderson, Two-Time Iowa High School State Champion Basketball Coach, On The Art of Engaging Parents in a Winning Team Culture

If an athlete’s inner dialogue is made up of the voices they hear most often and most intensely in their daily lives, what are we as parents and coaches saying that can form a champion’s mind? Join us as we talk to Two-time Iowa High School State Basketball Championship winning coach, Nate Sande.... More »

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Repaying Favorite Coaches and Teachers Years Later By Doug Abrams  My most recent column explained the enduring player-coach bond. “Behind only the parent-child and child-sibling bonds, the teacher-student bond can be one of life’s most lasting. Coaches are teachers, and players are their stude.... More »
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How Sports Parents Can Help Kids Before Games + MORE

Young Athletes And Pregame Mental Preparation It’s so tempting, as parents, to give kids your top tips so they perform well in the game… This is because we want so badly for our kids to perform well, stay focused, and be confident about their performance. We can’t help but say things li.... More »
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Do Sports Help Self-Esteem?
A sports parent writes:
“My 12-year-old has always had low-self confidence and low self-esteem. My hope was that a competitive sport (baseball for us) could help him develop these but so far results (four years into the mission) are negative to neutral at best. How do you evaluate if competitive sports are just not going to work, neutral, or all systems go for helping kids develop confidence and self-esteem?”
Often, sports parents and kids confuse self-confidence and self-esteem in youth sports

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Has bullying touched your home? Perhaps your child has come home in tears because he’s been the victim, or maybe she’s disturbed because a teammate is being bullied.  In this weeks post by Jessica Kane of SteelLocker Sports, she shares 5 weapons for parents and coaches to use in fighting the war against bullying…

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