Call for Abstracts: National Summit on Female Concussoin, TBI and Headache + MORE

Call for Abstracts: National Summit on Female Concussoin, TBI and Headache + MORE

Parents, It’s Time to Adopt the 24 Hour Rule

The 24-hour rule was established at a high school where my husband taught and coached for many years. The rule was simply this: if you have a problem with the coach after a game, wait 24 hours before talking to him or her. Unfortunately, parents didn’t always abide by the rule and the result .... More »
youth sports 1467747639 1915108499 Call for Abstracts: National Summit on Female Concussoin, TBI and Headache + MORE

Do’s And Don’ts Of Supplements For Young Athletes + MORE

By Dev K. Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points: Supplement use in high school aged athletes is very common, especially amongst male athletes Whenever possible get your “supplement” from food first, for exa.... More »

ABUSIVE COACHES: Losing One’s Perspective During the Post-Game Handshake + MORE

When Coaches’ Misconduct Disrupts Post-Game Handshake Lines By Doug Abrams Late last month, the Omaha World-Herald reported that police ticketed a 52-year-old coach for suspected assault and battery on a 10-year-old opponent as the teams traded high-fives in the post-game handshake line after a fl.... More »

Could Rats Help Discover the Healthiest Form of Exercise?

A new study published in the Journal of Physiology and then written about by The New York Times is making waves for its intriguing look at the human mind and exercise. In which, the researchers injected a group of male rats with a substance that helps understand the effects of exercise on the brai.... More »

Sports Parenting Dilemma: When Your Child Wants to Quit

Has your child ever come home and said, “I want to quit!”? What is youth sports like for you? Would you take a few minutes to answer three simple questions? Click Here.        Related StoriesGetting Recruited: What College Coaches Want You to Know Abou.... More »
youth sports 1447927471 929521493 Call for Abstracts: National Summit on Female Concussoin, TBI and Headache + MORE11 Reasons Why the Kansas City Royals are the Sports Feel Good Story of the Year

The Kansas City Royals’ approach drives the “Moneyball” folks nuts. Instead of placing an emphasis on drawing walks and on-base percentage, the Royals place an emphasis on putting the ball in play and hitting early pitches…

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If there has ever been a tenacious and relentless person in the concussion space my observation is that it is this one person. Not a researcher, not a physician, not a policy maker…  A mom… Her name Katherine Snedaker. She… Continue reading →

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It’s Wednesday so you know what that means, right? Another CoachUp Spotlight Series! This week we’ve got Coach Darnell from Santa Barbara, California. As always, we ask for our friends to share these thoughtful answers with coaches, parents, and athletes whenever they can. These type of mantas and experiences are invaluable and they have the […] The post Coach Spotlight Series: Darnell Campbell appeared first on CoachUp Blog.

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We’re going back to basics on Protect Youth Sports this week. Our goal is explaining some of the basic laws of background checks and what employees and volunteers need to know about how youth sports organizations and the Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) with whom they partner, should be protecting their credit information…

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