Help Your Athlete Develop the Skill of Assertiveness + MORE

  Two weeks ago, I introduced the 52 Virtues Project. If you missed that post, take a second to check it out. Virtue #1: Assertiveness Being assertive means being positive and confident. You are aware that you are a worthy person with your own special gifts. You think for yourself and express .... More »
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The Concussion Pill

By Dev K. Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points: The symptoms after concussion could potentially be reduced or eliminated if proper treatment is started soon after diagnosis The exact pathways that cause concus.... More »

Top 10 Nutritional Snacks for Athletes

Every athlete likes to snack…do you know what the best nutritional snacks for athletes are? If you really want to help your athlete play his or her best, you have to help them choose the right fuel they put into their bodies. I’m no food expert, so I asked for help on the best nutrition.... More »

Why Your Kids Should Play Only One Sport…Each Season + MORE

My family is wrapping up one of the busiest seasons we’ve had. The summer time should be a time to unwind and relax, but for us, I have to admit, it has been a grind. And most of it has been self-induced. It’s probably the challenge that plagues most sports loving families. Multiple kids.... More »

When To Evacuate in Youth Sports

Please forgive me if I have the word evacuate on my mind; I’ve been hearing it a lot lately here in Southwest Florida. When to evacuate has been a huge topic of discussion ever since we got wind of Hurricane Irma’s coming. Did you evacuate?  Where did you evacuate to?  How long were yo.... More »
Spring Fever is here! It’s that feeling of excitement you have at the beginning of Spring. It causes you to walk with a different bounce in your step, to see things in a different and more positive light, and an overall increase in energy.
That is exactly what I want in my marriage. I want to feel the excitement of when we first dated and when I first knew my wife was “The One…

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So what do former NBA superstars do when they retire?
Do they just sit around, counting their millions in the bank? Do they become TV commentators and rub elbows on the set with other former stars?
Or do they, like Penny Hardaway, return very quietly to their hometown to help out an old buddy who is battling Stage IV colon cancer, and who needs some help in coaching the Lester Middle School boys basketball team…

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Have you ever gotten advice that was so obvious you just rolled your eyes at it? I used to get it from my parents. I’m 20 years old and about to cross a busy street: “Look both ways,” Mom says.
Now that I’m a parent, I specialize in giving this type of advice.
I’ve also come to realize that it’s only roll-your-eyes obvious if you remember to take it…

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