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What to do When Your Athletes Are Benched

Helping Young Athletes Rebuild Confidence One parent asks: “My child was recently demoted out of the starting lineup on his basketball team and has been having troubles playing ever since. What can I do to help him get back in the starting lineup?” Demotions of any kind can undermine ki.... More »
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Why should you care about sports science? + MORE

By John Cone, PhD, CSCS Founder and President, FitFor90 Key Points: At Sideline Sports Doc, we try whenever possible to use an “evidence based” approach to youth sports health and this week we feature an article by John Cone, who uses scientific evidence to support his athlete training and reco.... More »

DANGERS OF HAZING: What Will Happen in Sayreville, NJ – A Scary Proposition for All Involved + MORE

TROUBLE IN SAYREVILLE                                  By Steve Kallas   By now you probably know that seven members of the Sayreville High School varsity football team have been arrested and charged with serious crimes in the alleged sexual assaults of at least four.... More »
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Proper Helmet Fit in Boy's Hockey: A 12-Point Checklist + MORE

To provide maximum protection against head injuries, helmets worn by athletes in contact sports such as youth hockey, need to fit correctly, but a new study of boy's hockey players age 8 to 14 years found that less than one third of hockey helmets are properly fitted. (Williams, 2014). Because .... More »

COPING WITH ADVERSITY: Kentucky’s Andrew Harrison’s Post-Game Comments Totally Disgraceful

Yes, I’m quite certain that Kentucky guard Andrew Harrison was angry, upset, and disappointed that his basketball team had just lost in the Final Four to a more talented, better coached, and more poised Wisconsin team. That loss, of course, ruined the Wildcats’ run to a perfect season. B.... More »
Spring Fever is here! It’s that feeling of excitement you have at the beginning of Spring. It causes you to walk with a different bounce in your step, to see things in a different and more positive light, and an overall increase in energy.
That is exactly what I want in my marriage. I want to feel the excitement of when we first dated and when I first knew my wife was “The One…

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So what do former NBA superstars do when they retire?
Do they just sit around, counting their millions in the bank? Do they become TV commentators and rub elbows on the set with other former stars?
Or do they, like Penny Hardaway, return very quietly to their hometown to help out an old buddy who is battling Stage IV colon cancer, and who needs some help in coaching the Lester Middle School boys basketball team…

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Have you ever gotten advice that was so obvious you just rolled your eyes at it? I used to get it from my parents. I’m 20 years old and about to cross a busy street: “Look both ways,” Mom says.
Now that I’m a parent, I specialize in giving this type of advice.
I’ve also come to realize that it’s only roll-your-eyes obvious if you remember to take it…

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