Bleacher Report was a bumpy road, but it took me to a great job + MORE

Bleacher Report was a bumpy road, but it took me to a great job + MORE
 1392011405 1963841764 Bleacher Report was a bumpy road, but it took me to a great job + MORE

COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS: College Soccer Coaches Offering Scholarships to Girls in Middle School + MORE

The New York Times ran a big feature piece two weeks ago about how Division I soccer coaches are furiously recruiting girls at the middle school level, and offering them athletic scholarships even before they have started HS. This is hard to believe, but then again, maybe it’s not. This kind o.... More »

When children bicker: Stopping the fight before it starts

Guest Post by Dr. Laura Markham Bickering is not yet a full-fledged fight, but it could become one. Or it could just go on all day long until it drives you crazy. Some amount of bickering is normal, since kids are still learning how to express their needs appropriately. But bickering is always a .... More »
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Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You! 6 Things Every Parent Should Know About Youth Sports + MORE

Consider yourself forewarned. Youth sports is a mixed bag, albeit one that is totally worth the hassle! Are you prepared for the journey? I’ll tell you 6 things you should know in less than 5 minutes.   Let them be little. Even as you help them grow up. Download my ebook now, 22 Ways to .... More »
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11 Myths About Playing Sports in College + MORE

There’s a lot of hype, misinformation, and unrealistic expectations when it comes to playing sports in college. I did my homework and found the top college recruiting myths that need to be busted. Parents and athletes, take note: Myth #1: High school coaches will get you recruited. Your athlete is.... More »

INNOVATIONS IN SPORTS: Using Technology To Help You Be a Better Sports Parent

Four Tips to Help Sports Parents Stay Sane  By Kathleen Burke, TeamSnap As sports parents, you have a lot on your mind. From safety concerns on the field to getting your kids to practices on time to juggling family responsibilities, it’s easy to understand why many parents often feel overwhelmed .... More »
When parents back off and let children fight their own battles, especially in the arena of youth sports, it is inevitable that those kids will grow stronger and learn lessons that will be with them for life.
But what about you? It’s frustrating for parents to watch the caterpillar turn into a butterfly, but is there anything else in this journey for you besides the pain of watching your child struggle?
Yes, there is much more…

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If you haven’t seen this new reality show on the Esquire Channel, you might want to take a moment to watch a few minutes of it.
But just be forewarned. It’s as though all of the social consciousness that has been raised in the last 20 years about evil and selfish sports parents and coaches somehow never reached this particulara part of Texas…

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youth football tournaments 1390340660 343411254 Bleacher Report was a bumpy road, but it took me to a great job + MORENote: Dan Talintyre recently left Bleacher Report for a job with a professional rugby team in his native Australia. He sent this email to B/R editors last week. It’s reprinted here with his permission. 
I started writing for Bleacher Report three and a bit years ago when I was just starting university…

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5 Ideas for Motivating Boys


Every year the statistics on boys and achievement become more alarming. Boys are falling behind in school, boys are entering colleges at the lowest rate in history, and the number of young men returning home to live with their parents, working only part time or not at all, has more than doubled in the past two decades…

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The armpit is the part of the body that is dark, stinky, and unattractive. Everyone has one, but no one wants to see it or acknowledge it, and would rather cover it up and move on. The armpit of American youth sports is the culture of win at all costs, uneducated, over the top coaches [...]

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