Binge Watching Sports + MORE

Binge Watching Sports + MORE
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The Nemesis In The Goal

I despised him, and him me, or so we thought. He was a nemesis without my ever defining him as such. All because of a game. And yet, given a few years and unique circumstances, he became a dear friend, even standing next to me years later at my wedding. All because of that same game. I attended Stan.... More »

Content Standards: Attributing stats and factual information + MORE

Knowing when to attribute information to a third-party source is an important skill for any writer. In most cases, it’s pretty straightforward. When it comes to the presentation of stats and other factual information, it’s sometimes hard to tell what’s fair game and what owes credi.... More »

COPING WITH ADVERSITY: What’s the Best Way to Give Feedback to Young Athletes (…and their Parents)? + MORE

One of the basic fundamentals that all coaches embrace – whether at the youth, travel, or HS level – is that a coach has to give feedback to one’s athletes. Problem is, it’s rare for a coach to be trained at any level on how to do this. In short, it’s just sort of ̶.... More »

Sports Parenting Reality Check: It’s OK if Your Child Doesn’t Go Pro

Sports parenting sometimes requires an honest reality check. Every parent wants their child to have success. But success doesn’t look the same for every athlete and it certainly doesn’t mean that your child is going to play in the pros, or even in college. This post is an excerpt from my.... More »

“How Do I Let Someone Else Take Over?” + MORE

A parent recently asked me: How do I let go? The million dollar question!        Related Stories5 Simple Steps to Your Child’s Youth Sports Success“How do I Keep My Child Interested in Her Sport?”New Coach, Teacher, Friends, School? 5 Steps to He.... More »
By Doug Abrams
A few years ago, one of my recent law students told me an astounding story about the high school JV football team that he and a friend were coaching as volunteers.  After practice shortly before the opening game, the pair hosted a team pizza party at their own expense…

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Binge Watching Sports


junior football tournaments 1419389899 1197256097 Binge Watching Sports + MOREThe third season of House of Cards will be released by Netflix on February 27, 2015. The popular series featuring Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood has been eagerly awaited by fans. Many of whom will watch multiple shows in one sitting in a practice known as binge watching (or binge viewing).
Binge watching began in the 1980’s when networks developed marathon programming featuring a succession of episodes of one show scheduled back-to-back…

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national youth football championships 1419389904 161271885 Binge Watching Sports + MOREIn sports, the goal is to win. Plain and simple. Let’s be honest, it is about whether you win or lose, not just how you play the game.
But there is a line that many parents and coaches cross when it comes to winning. And that line is the difference between winning and winning at all costs.
Why Winning is Okay
Besides the fact that winning in youth sports is absolutely fun, there are some other reasons that winning is really okay:

It gives players a sense of accomplishment
It gives them a reward for their hard work
It helps teams see what happens when they play together
It encourages kids to continue playing sports
It gives kids motivation to seek higher goals

Why Winning at all Costs is Not Okay
When winning becomes more important than the people who are playing, then the line has been crossed…

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On very rare and special occasions, we will see a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary. So many things have to fall into place for a couple to make it that long together that it can nearly be considered a miracle only God could have bestowed. Not only does the couple have to fight off all the sharp, poison-tipped arrows of life but just the simple fragile nature of the human body makes it very hard for both to make it that far…

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In response to a mom’s question: “Is my little hockey player taking sports too seriously?”, here are 6 signs that he or she may be doing just that.   Let them be little. Even as you help them grow up. Download my ebook now, 22 Ways to Let Your Kids Be Little Even While Helping Them…

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Burnout: When The Reasons Aren’t Physical


national youth football championships 1419389898 998597823 Binge Watching Sports + MOREBy Dev K. Mishra, M.D.
President, Sideline Sports Doc
Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University
Key Points:

Pressure from parents, peers, or coaches can sometimes lead young athletes to quit organized sports due to “burnout”
We need to be on the lookout for signs of burnout and seek help early
Signs may include lack of enthusiasm for sports, recurring physical ailments, and generally declining sport performance

Last week I wrote about the things a high school athlete should be doing between sports seasons, and this week’s topic is a follow-on to last week’s post…

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