“Billionaire trouble” heads PBS MediaShift’s top 10 media stories of 2014 + MORE

“Billionaire trouble” heads PBS MediaShift’s top 10 media stories of 2014 + MORE

TITLE IX ISSUES: Should Boys Be Allowed to Play on Girls’ HS Teams?

This is a topic we’ve covered before, and not surprisingly, it keeps popping up in the news. It’s worth reviewing again. I picked up my local newspaper the other day and I was reading about a sport with which I admittedly have little expertise in….HS field hockey. I’m reading about h.... More »

How to Raise a Spoiled Athlete + MORE

Many adults complain that the younger generation is full of entitled kids, teens, and even millennials, and that a spoiled athlete is hard to stomach. I am not writing to debate that issue. In fact, I’m advocating something that may cause some of you to do a doubletake, and that is this very s.... More »

30 Day Family Time Challenge + MORE

  Happy New Year! One of the best New Year’s resolutions we can make this year is to bring our families closer together and spending more time together. Join us and kick off the New Year with our 30 Day Family Time Challenge. It’s 30 days of simple ways for you to focus on loving.... More »
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How to Help Sports Kids Stay Focused During Games + MORE

There are so many ways sports kids get distracted when they’re playing sports or performing. For example, they might worry about what their friends, parents, or coaches are thinking of them. Worrying about what others think is a huge distraction. Think about it. When kids are focused on such worr.... More »

Sports Illustrated’s Lee Jenkins on his fly-on-the-wall Warriors celebration piece + MORE

After the Golden State Warriors won the NBA championship last week in Cleveland, they celebrated, and Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated wrote about their party. His piece is a classic of what’s known as fly-on-the-wall reporting. Here’s his lede: CLEVELAND—The season of splash ended .... More »
Top 10 Must Do’s For College Recruiting
By Coach Wayne Mazzoni, NCAA Coach Since 1992

Choose The College First.  The fact is, more than a third of college freshmen athletes DO NOT play four years of their sport once in college.  There are a variety of reasons for this, but to pick a school from all those choices mostly for the sport/coach, if that college athletic career  does not work out, you will be quite unhappy…

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“You have competition every day because you’ve set such high standards for yourself that you have to go out every day and live up to that.” – Michael Jordan.
How do you raise your standards in a world that does everything it can to motivate you into lowering them? If you are anything like me, you have had victories and you have crashed and burned; however, I always want to do better for myself and for my family…

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MediaShift, PBS’s site covering the nexus of media and technology, has named its Top 10 Media Stories of 2014 as part of its 2014 Year in Review series, which looks like it’ll be a good one to keep an eye over the next couple of weeks.  
Writer Sonia Paul pegs “Billionaire Trouble” at No…

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To Listen to the Podcast, click on the arrow above. Playing time battles in youth sports are a never-ending source of conflict for parents, players and coaches. To address this issue, I’ve asked one of the most fair and–at the same time–competitive coaches I’ve ever known. He coached high school football for 28 years on all…

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