Are You THAT Pushy Sports Parent? + MORE

Are You THAT Pushy Sports Parent? + MORE
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How Nutrition Impacts Kids’ Confidence in Sports

What Should Sports Kids Eat on Game Day? There’s an important link between what kids eat and their confidence in sports, says Kimberly Lackey, founder of Empath Coaching. “When I think of confidence, I think of mood,” she says. “You want to keep kids away from food that might sap.... More »

5 Dilemmas That Keep Sports Parents Up at Night

Parents worry. That’s just what they do. Kids give them plenty of fuel for that, and in the youth sports world, it is no different. I hate to admit this, but there were nights when I would lie awake, worrying about something my child was facing in sports. I would think through every possible s.... More »


The summer heat has finally arrived. And when it’s this hot, I think about the National Pastime. That’s because I recall how much fun and enjoyment I had playing baseball as a kid in the youth leagues, HS, in college, and in the pro’s.And also when I coached college ball. Problem is….... More »
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Helping Young Athletes Perform Well in Tryouts

How to Show Composure, Not Perfection in Tryouts A sports parent says: “My Bantam AAA hockey player is in the mist of tryouts and is having stumbling blocks in his tryouts over hitting and performing during the tryout games. He is just not performing at his best and is getting very stressed. .... More »
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Lightning Safety For Outdoor Sports

By Dev K. Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points: The summer months are the peak time of year for lightning strikes If you hear thunder, abandon outdoor practice and go indoors. “If the thunder roars, go indoo.... More »
No mom or dad that I know really wants to be known as a PUSHY sports parent. But at the same time, parents sometimes let their “encouragement” turn into pushiness, without realizing it or even wanting it. Sometimes parental pushiness is blatant; you see it come out as parents coach their kids from the sidelines,…

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The World Cup began this past week, and of course, everybody is eagerly looking forward to seeing  how the American men’s team will do this year as they compete on the world’s largest stage…
Ah, but of course…I’m being facetious – perhaps even a bit sarcastic.
After all, we all know that the American men’s soccer team didn’t qualify for the World Cup this year…

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