Are You Concerned that Your Child is Overly Competitive? + MORE

Are You Concerned that Your Child is Overly Competitive? + MORE
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The Key to Success is Within Your Child’s Developing Mind + MORE

Every parent wants to know the key to success that will help a son or daughter thrive in life, that “secret sauce” for raising a healthy child. Does such a sauce exist? The answer depends on your mindset as a parent and how you turn your mindset into practice with your children. Here’s a quiz:.... More »

SPORTSMANSHIP: When Things Start to Get Ugly at High School Sports…. + MORE

A Role for High School Athletes When Fans Resort to Slurs and Vulgarity By Doug Abrams Last Friday night, Catholic Memorial School downed Newton North High School, 77-73, in a hard-fought Massachusetts basketball division title matchup at Newton North High School. Catholic Memorial is an all-boys p.... More »
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The Hottest Team in the NFL: The Vikings + MORE

With a 5 & 0 record, a sensational new stadium and a new quarterback leading the charge, the Vikings are the talk of the NFL. With Sunday’s dominating performance over the Houston Texans, and previous wins over the Carolina Panthers and arch nemesis the Green Bay Packers, the Vikes have establ.... More »
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Learning A New Sport Skill Is Just Trial And Error For Your Brain + MORE

Just about every coach and parent, not to mention most young athletes, have heard the vague but obvious phrase, “practice makes perfect.” Quarterbacks wanting to complete more passes need to throw a lot more balls. Rising basketball players who need to increase their free throw percentage need t.... More »
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How Parents Can Encourage Kids Without Pressure

How to Avoid Pressuring Young Athletes A sports parent asks: “When should children be encouraged to push through the hard times and when is it okay for them to just take a break?” At a certain point in your children’s athletic careers, all parents must ask themselves this questionR.... More »
Do you ever worry that your child is overly competitive? Does he shut down after a bad game? Is she too hard on herself after making mistakes? Take a few minutes to listen to how to help a child with what I call “Competitive Spirit Syndrome”:        Looking for a better way to…

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In the first quarter of my freshman year at the University of California-Santa Cruz I had a wonderful history professor named William Hitchcock. I loved his lectures, which an earlier chancellor had called “a masterpiece, every one.” But what I really liked was how this professional historian would look at us 18-year-old dummies and call us “historians…

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junior football tournaments 1422453578 2075335003 Are You Concerned that Your Child is Overly Competitive? + MOREBy Dev Mishra, M.D.
President, Sideline Sports Doc
Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University
Key Points:

Movement based testing of brain function is a concept that could be used to add objective information in the evaluation of an athlete with a suspected concussion
One company is developing a testing method that bears watching as they go through scientific study to validate their service

The diagnosis of concussion for medical professionals can be tricky, and a determination of proper timing for return to play can also be somewhat subjective…

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How to make friends as an adult? It all looks so simple on television. The couple with multiple children and the best friend neighbors who, of course, are the perfect match of compatibility. In real life, all the grand adventures and quirky hijinks are few and far between. It’s really hard to make new friends we enjoy that are in the same stage of life…

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