Are You Concerned that Your Child is Overly Competitive? + MORE

Are You Concerned that Your Child is Overly Competitive? + MORE

WOC #15 Julie Foudy, Two-Time World Cup Champion and ESPN Analyst, on Choosing to Matter

Julie Foudy is a two-time FIFA Women’s World Cup champion and Olympic gold medalist. She played for the United States women’s national soccer team from 1987–2004. Foudy finished her international career with 271 caps and served as the team’s captain from 2000–2004 as well as th.... More »

Advice for aspiring NBA writers at Fansided, from a bunch of NBA writer + MORE

Michael Dunlap, who founded Hoops Habit and is senior content director at Fansided, asked a bunch of NBA writers for their best advice for aspiring sportswriters. You’ll probably learn as much by reading their answers as you’ll learn in a month in a college sportswriting class, so consid.... More »

Motivational Quotes for Kids That Help Build Positive Relationships + MORE post Motivational Quotes for Kids That Help Build Positive Relationships appeared first on Roots of Action..... More »
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Team USA Winter Games Fan Gear

This post contains affiliate links which means I will earn a small commission for any purchases made through these links at no additional cost to you. The countdown is on for the 2018 PyeongChong Winter Olympic Games happening in South Korea from February 9 through 25. I personally LOVE the Olympics.... More »

INNOVATIONS IN SPORTS: Using Technology To Help You Be a Better Sports Parent

Four Tips to Help Sports Parents Stay Sane  By Kathleen Burke, TeamSnap As sports parents, you have a lot on your mind. From safety concerns on the field to getting your kids to practices on time to juggling family responsibilities, it’s easy to understand why many parents often feel overwhelmed .... More »
Do you ever worry that your child is overly competitive? Does he shut down after a bad game? Is she too hard on herself after making mistakes? Take a few minutes to listen to how to help a child with what I call “Competitive Spirit Syndrome”:        Looking for a better way to…

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In the first quarter of my freshman year at the University of California-Santa Cruz I had a wonderful history professor named William Hitchcock. I loved his lectures, which an earlier chancellor had called “a masterpiece, every one.” But what I really liked was how this professional historian would look at us 18-year-old dummies and call us “historians…

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junior football tournaments 1422453578 2075335003 Are You Concerned that Your Child is Overly Competitive? + MOREBy Dev Mishra, M.D.
President, Sideline Sports Doc
Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University
Key Points:

Movement based testing of brain function is a concept that could be used to add objective information in the evaluation of an athlete with a suspected concussion
One company is developing a testing method that bears watching as they go through scientific study to validate their service

The diagnosis of concussion for medical professionals can be tricky, and a determination of proper timing for return to play can also be somewhat subjective…

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How to make friends as an adult? It all looks so simple on television. The couple with multiple children and the best friend neighbors who, of course, are the perfect match of compatibility. In real life, all the grand adventures and quirky hijinks are few and far between. It’s really hard to make new friends we enjoy that are in the same stage of life…

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