April Basic Training: Pray for and with Your Kids + MORE

April Basic Training: Pray for and with Your Kids + MORE
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Difficult Things Men Need to Understand about Marriage + MORE

  First, let’s be clear about one thing: An epic marriage is one of the best and hardest things ever, period. Plus there are probably legions of difficult things men need to understand about marriage. Next, let’s not forget the fact that any relationship of a high caliber demands co.... More »

6 Memories You Absolutely Must Make With Your Athlete Before He Quits Playing Sports

Part of the fun in youth sports is all the memories you will make with your athlete. You’ll have lots to reminisce and laugh about when your kids are older. After 22 years of being a sports mom, there’s some specific memories that stand out. Can I encourage you to look beyond the usual .... More »

Coach Spotlight Series: Kyle Hill

CoachUp’s Coach Spotlight Series: Kyle Hill We know you’ve missed our Coach Spotlight Series, but don’t fear, we’re back with another one! This week, CoachUp decided to chat with Kyle Hill, one of the platform’s most reliable and highly-rated basketball coaches. Aside f.... More »
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The Psychology Of Words And The Young Athlete + MORE

Ken TaylorYoung athletes live in a pretty strange world. So many adults saying things to them but no one really communicating. Its hard enough for them to decipher one adult's vague instructions but then have to blend the mixed messages of parents and coaches.  Ken Taylor, former NFL cornerback.... More »

What it Takes to Perform Your Best When It Counts the Most + MORE

Training and practice are 90% physical, 10% mental. But during a performance or game-time when it really counts, that ratio gets flipped, and 90% of your success depends on your mental strength and concentration. What does this mean? To become a champion you must train like one. Of course that mea.... More »

Mental Toughness


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Have you ever gone into a competition as physically prepared as you possibly could be, but something in your mind was causing doubts?  Have you excelled at workouts in practice, but find that your competition results don’t match up?  Have you ever noticed a difference in the thoughts that go through your head during practice versus what goes through your head during competition?  Are they the same?  Are they different?  If so, how are they different?
Surprisingly, there are a lot of athletes who have negative thoughts before and during competition…

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The first quarter of the All Pro Dad Basic Training 2014 is in the books!  Let us be the first to congratulate you on taking MAJOR steps to becoming a better dad this year. You have added three new habits, which are helping you accomplish your goal. For those new to the All Pro Dad Basic Training, it’s not too late to join, click here to catch up…

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How to Pray for Your Kids

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One of our roles as dads is to protect our kids. But we all know we cannot protect them forever, and we cannot protect them from everything. But that doesn’t mean we are limited. This is because we always have the ability to pray.
God loves our kids and protects our kids even better than we do…

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national youth football tournaments 1396298617 1276994094 April Basic Training: Pray for and with Your Kids + MOREMelo says: Hold up a minute.
Selecting high-quality multimedia assets can differentiate a good article from a great one, but it’s a step in online publication that often goes overlooked as writers rush to keep up with the daily news cycle.
Even Bleacher Report’s highest-visibility content—articles that funnel through the B/R front page and CNN sports module—regularly have multimedia elements added, replaced or taken out during a quality review…

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