ANOTHER FATALITY: Basketball Ref Attacks, Kills Youth Coach + MORE

ANOTHER FATALITY: Basketball Ref Attacks, Kills Youth Coach + MORE
national youth football tournaments 1449504247 1728235445 ANOTHER FATALITY: Basketball Ref Attacks, Kills Youth Coach + MORE

12 Negative Thoughts Holding You and Your Child Back + MORE

Negative Thoughts are hard to ignore. They affect all areas of our lives, and when it comes to youth sports, it seems parents are especially susceptible to it. Author Steven Covey says that “We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking.” The.... More »

The “Mild” Concussion

This post was written originally in 2011, but has been re-posted numerous times, it will continue to be posted until we all get the message… ========== Hogwash!  There is NOTHING mild about a concussion, period.  However media, teams, players and even medical staffs continue to use this nome.... More »

Keep Pushing: CoachUp coaches respond to Ashley’s Open Letter + MORE

Keep Pushing: A Response to Ashley’s Open Letter A few weeks ago, we received the wonderful open letter from Ashley, a high school athlete struggling with her experiences on the basketball team. Since we posted it, the letter has found its way to nearly 50,000 people and inspired many others i.... More »
flag football tournaments 1488424528 1229949322 ANOTHER FATALITY: Basketball Ref Attacks, Kills Youth Coach + MORE

Girls Drop Out Rate Higher Than Boys + MORE

Why Do More Girls Drop Out of Sports Than Boys? We already knew that by the time they are 13, seventy-five percent of kids drop out of sports, mostly because they’re not having fun anymore. But research shows that girls drop out of sports at rates six times higher than boys. We spoke recently with.... More »
national flag football tournament 1479573686 1768220074 ANOTHER FATALITY: Basketball Ref Attacks, Kills Youth Coach + MORE

One Simple Strategy to Help Make Homework Time Easier

It is time to retire the red pencil? How many of us have been guilty of subscribing to “red pencil mentality?”  You know, when we focus on the homework mistakes rather than on what’s correct?  Probably most of us; because it’s human nature.  However, focusing on our kids’ mistakes or t.... More »
I’m always stunned when I read of yet another terrible physical confrontation between a youth coach and a referee.
How in the world could emotions run so high that two grown-ups would end up with one of them dead?
Can you imagine? Just a few hours earlier, Joshua Adams, the 37-year-old ref - who is employed as a deputy sheriff in town – was getting ready to work an AAU game of 7th graders…

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The green grass glows almost like neon as the winter gray slowly fades away. Coats go back in the closet and snow blowers are stored in the shed until next year. Spring has arrived, and so has America’s oldest and most endearing pastime, baseball. This is a game built to stand the test of time and in that way mirrors what we all hope for our marriages…

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I want to share three pieces about writing that I’m hoping will be some combination of useful and entertaining. I’ll list them in order of their place on the utility-to-fun spectrum.
Not that it’s not fun, but 10 Content Tips from Sports Journalists on Contently is the most obviously useful…

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