ANOTHER FATALITY: Basketball Ref Attacks, Kills Youth Coach + MORE

ANOTHER FATALITY: Basketball Ref Attacks, Kills Youth Coach + MORE

Can Youth Sports be Both Fun and Competitive?

I got an email from a distraught parent the other day. She described a scene where the coach was screaming at the girls after a loss. She was beside herself at how the coach treated the girls. He was demeaning, he was loud and scary, and he had lost perspective on the age he was The post Can Youth S.... More »
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Seven Reasons to Cheer For Iceland

Are you looking for Seven Reasons to Cheer For Iceland? Iceland National team advanced to the Euro Cup quarterfinals with a historic win over England. First time qualifiers for the tournament, Iceland was a big underdog against the heavily favored English team. But as Leicester proved, strange thing.... More »

Coach Spotlight Series: Daniel Flores + MORE

Our next stop in the Coach Spotlight Series is Daniel Flores, one of our excellent baseball coaches in California! If that name sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve featured Coach Flores in one of our incredible success stories — if you need a refresher on that, you can find his vid.... More »

How to Publish a Study Report + MORE

School composition writing is really not that challenging. Documents might be tough duty for a few students. Regrettably there’s no sure-fire way of creating a college entrance essay. Composing the same article for exceptional faculties but forgetting to alter the title. Custom article writing.... More »

10 Things Every Sports Parent Must Have

Dear Sports parent, let me start by saying this: I am not writing this post for any advertisers. I’m not using any affiliate links. This information is purely based on 21 years of sports parenting, on what I did have, and what I wished I had. Let me save you the agony of trying to...Read .... More »
I’m always stunned when I read of yet another terrible physical confrontation between a youth coach and a referee.
How in the world could emotions run so high that two grown-ups would end up with one of them dead?
Can you imagine? Just a few hours earlier, Joshua Adams, the 37-year-old ref - who is employed as a deputy sheriff in town – was getting ready to work an AAU game of 7th graders…

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The green grass glows almost like neon as the winter gray slowly fades away. Coats go back in the closet and snow blowers are stored in the shed until next year. Spring has arrived, and so has America’s oldest and most endearing pastime, baseball. This is a game built to stand the test of time and in that way mirrors what we all hope for our marriages…

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I want to share three pieces about writing that I’m hoping will be some combination of useful and entertaining. I’ll list them in order of their place on the utility-to-fun spectrum.
Not that it’s not fun, but 10 Content Tips from Sports Journalists on Contently is the most obviously useful…

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